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    Does anyone have a 316 with a 3 point hitch? I have a 1978 316 with the Kohler 16hp engine. I would love to get one for mine but can't find one anywhere. I'd love to see some set ups so I can see how to go about this project. Or if anyone knows where one could be bought I also wouldn't be...
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    Any advise, or suggestions are so much appreciated. I just picked up a 1978 JD 316. Finally got it running after a rebuilt carb. I dont know why but I never checked the sparkplug since I got the tractor. It has been running great the 3 times I used it...until the sparkplug blew out of the head...
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    I have picked up a 1978 316 in pretty nice shape...for free! It started up and ran but really rough. Rebuilt and cleaned the carb and it runs amazing now. Also this package deal included a JD wagon, mower deck and and snowblower attachment, all for free!! So my question here is that the...
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    Hello, I recently bought my first garden tractor ('87 316) and I noticed a small puddle under the tractor that had developed overnight. I decided to trace the leak to the source and discovered that it is coming from where one of the hydraulic lines connect to the pump (the one I'm pointing at...
  5. John Deere 318 restoration (Before)

    John Deere 318 restoration (Before)

    Before I did the complete restoration.
  6. 1978 John Deere 316

    1978 John Deere 316

    Just dropped the deck and will attach blade once I'm done with the leaves.
  7. 1978 John Deere 316

    1978 John Deere 316

    Debated on a restoration but the "used" look suits me just fine. It purrs like a kitten.