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  1. Lawn Boy brick top

    Lawn Boy brick top

    Lawn Boy model 3053
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    What can you guys tell me about International Harvester lawn boy mowers?I just picked one up its pretty rough but does run,What years were these made and are they hard to find?:unsure:
  3. Ebay/Craig's List
    Vintage Lawn Boy Loafer lawn mower cart | eBay ,I wonder how much this will sell for:unsure:(not my listing)
  4. Walk Behind Mowers
    Well here are all my lawn boy mowers as of Sunday October 11th .
  5. Walk Behind Mowers
    I have a lawn boy model 3053 and im wondering what you guys know about it and how much its worth it runs and cuts great!And also what year you guys think it would be . Thanks PS, I will get some pictures up later