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  1. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys picked up a 1967 lawn boy buttercup the other night and I am need of a rod bearing for the engine if anyone knows where i could get one i would love the help. I also will be in need of some crankshaft seals for the engine also if you know where i could get some. Thanks Nate. Will add...
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys just wanted to show my recent find A model 8861 commercial lawnboy with a F series engine.I found this one at a Yard sale for 10 dollars!! I haven't seen if I can get this going yet but i'm guessing I can .The deck is cracked but I believe it can be welded.I also picked up a lawn boy...
  3. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hi guys I picked up this old gilson snowblower and It has a lawn boy engine in it I had no use for the snowblower so I took it apart for the engine And i'm wondering if you have any info on this if you have ever seen one before or anything.And as usually I took some pictures (if this needs to be...
  4. Walk Behind Mowers
    I was wondering if Taryl was ever gonna make a video on lawn boy, yay!
  5. Walk Behind Mowers
    Mowing with my lawn boy model 10547 and heard a very bad noise thought i hit something.I turned it off right away, tipped the mower on it side and seen this the Black mulching fan broke and it cracked my deck :confused:.
  6. Walk Behind Mowers
    Hello I just picked up this lawn boy brick top It is model 6255 It is a commercial mower but it is very rough ,It has a big crack in the magnesium deck and has some holes in it , And it has been repainted at some time, But after cleaning the points I managed to get it to run . :)
  7. Walk Behind Mowers
    What can you guys tell me about International Harvester lawn boy mowers?I just picked one up its pretty rough but does run,What years were these made and are they hard to find?:unsure:
  8. .

    eBay/Craigslist/ Kijiji etc Finds
  9. Walk Behind Mowers
    Well here are all my lawn boy mowers as of Sunday October 11th .
  10. Walk Behind Mowers
    I have a lawn boy model 3053 and im wondering what you guys know about it and how much its worth it runs and cuts great!And also what year you guys think it would be . Thanks PS, I will get some pictures up later
1-11 of 11 Results