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Cub Cadet
LT 1018
black and yellow
Was a mower my friend left in the weather for 3 years after he used it 1 year. One of those "it was running when I parked it" things. Would not turn over when I got it. 1 battery, 2 starters and an adjustment of the valves later it would turn over but wouldnt start. Bought new fuel filter, pump, solenoid, fuel lines, gave it an oil change and a thorough carb cleaning and found out it was splitting keys and throwin itself out of time. After 2 aluminum keys I put a steel key in. SHE'S ALIVE! Threw all new belts and blades on it and I've been using it all summer no problem but it does have a LOUD backfire out the carb when I try to start it. Usually does it once or twice and I have to plug my ears. Then it will fire up and run great. I keep checking the flywheel key and timing seems dead on. Valves are set to factory specifications. Any info on that would be appreciated. It has been an ordeal but its almost a perfect machine.
2011 Cub Cadet LT 1018 (black and yellow)


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