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GT 19.9
Metal finish and black
Onan N52M-GA019.9
When my grandfather got tired of pushing in the clutch on this tractor, he replaced it with a small John Deere riding mower and passed the sears on to my family. We used it for a year or two before it stopped running and then just let it go by the wayside. Four years or so passed, and I, having learned more about cars, electrical systems, and carburetors, decided to make the old girl run again. Luckily, since the sears had been garaged most its life, rust hadn't set in badly and to get it running all I had to do was rebuild the carburetor, replace some fuel line, change the oil and filter, and fix some switches that had lost contact internally from being out in the elements. Since becoming a full time master automotive mechanic I've done a lot of work to it, including replacing the entire ignition system (except for the breaker points, files do the job just fine) rebuilt the carb again, drained and filled the trans till "milk" stopped coming out, replaced the clutch pivot bushing, welded the clutch pivot back together after it broke in half, replaced the trans drive belt, replaced the brake band, rebuilt and painted the deck, and installed full lighting: trailer lighting harness plug-in, headlights (already equipped), front marker lights, rear tail lights, brake lights (used original rear light for high mount center stop lamp), dash lights, and a rear white light on separate switch; with all lights running through relays and fuses to protect the ignition switch from high current load. "The Sears" has its new home in my small shed so it stays out of the weather. It certainly is a wonderful tractor, and I'm blessed to have it, as for the past few years, it has brought me great amount of joy.
1978 Sears GT 19.9 (Metal finish and black)


Not equipped
16x6-8 Firestone Tri-Rib
23x10.5-12 Carlisle Tru-Power
Not equipped
48" mower deck, {no longer equipped, upgraded{Manual three point hitch w/ long handle and up-lock (customized with custom down position stop}-}, Sears Electric three point hitch with really cool chains and pins that I made for the three point attachments, lengthened sears top link, and custom altered left adjustable lifting link), 2" rear square receiver, Sears three point to sleeve hitch adapter, Brinly 42" rear grader blade, Sears 10" moleboard plow, Homemade tine cultivator, Agrifab 48" front snow blade (with triple the springs for the blade angle ;P)
Wheel and Tire
Breaker point ignition, Gasoline



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