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Sears Suburban 15 Model #
Black & White
Here's my SEARS tractor that was given to me by my uncle Floyd after his grandsons rolled it down the mountain side in NC. It was a wreck when I got it (early '90's), hood broken off, grill splintered to pieces, steering wheel bent down around steering shaft, the seat rusted away and was replaced by a square of plywood years before. Luckily my little cousins come out of the roll over with a few bumps and bruises. My Aunt Mildred used the Sub. 15 to plow the house garden (1 acre). It never had a belly mower on it and was always used as a garden tractor. All the family kids and surrounding young'uns living on Grassey Branch learned how to drive on this little tractor! This Suburban has been rode rough most of it’s life!

After rebuilding this tractor I used it around the 1/2 acre lot for a few years until it got stored while I worked overseas. It's been patiently waiting in storage to be needed again for the past 10 + years! Moved the family to 3 acres, and now that tractor is needed again! My last R&R, blew the dust off, aired up the tires which are dry rotted (amazed they held air at all) and pushed it from it's hiding spot out into the light. Poured gas in the tank which immediately poured out the bottom of the tank! The patch job on the tank I did the first time held, just all the metal around the patch rusted away while in storage. Barrowed my lawn mowers battery, turned the engine over a few times… spark. Cleaned points, turned engine over got spark, no fire. Sprayed a little gas in carb. Intake gave it another crank and she came to life! Pushed her back into the corner until my next R&R, 2 weeks home goes by all to quickly.

Have a pile of new parts waiting on my next visit home to get the Sub. 15 running again so it can be used around the property again!
1972 Sears Suburban 15 Model # 917.25200 (Black & White)


New tires purchased:

4.00-8 4P Deestone F-2 Tri Rib D401
New tires purchased:

23x10.50-12 6P Deestone Super Lugs D405
SEARS 3 Point Implements:

-Cultivator Bar (various attachments)
-Moldboard Plow
-30 inch Disc Harrow
-Seeder / Fertilizer
-Adjustable Foot Plow (Potato Plow).
Wheel and Tire
12 Volt

B&S 15HP Engine
Mod.# 325431 (per SEARS website)



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