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General Information

Tractor had sat unprotected outside for the previous winter. I purchased it for $50. Cleaned it up, fixed the tires, recharged the battery, added a bit of fuel, and it started first try.

I removed the transmission and repacked it with new grease, along with changing out the drive belts. Fresh oil and filters made up the rest of my resurrection in 2014.

In 2015, I finally got a new tube for one of the tires that was losing air (flat within a week).

In 2017, Still chasing a gremlin where the engine will choke itself out when first starting, but at least I can keep it from stalling now. Now have an issue with a leaky rear tire that needs a tube.

In 2018, I replaced the carb and that fixed the running issue. Had to change out the front left tire after I damaged the sidewall hauling tree trimmings to the driveway. I may end up getting rid of this tractor, as I have too many.

As of April 2019, I have sold this tractor. It went to a good home, with someone that I feel will take good care of it, and, in turn, it will take good care of them.
2006 White LT-542G (White/Red)


AgriFab Rear Dethatcher

Craftsman Poly 10 Cu Ft Dump Cart
Wheel and Tire
12 V tractor battery/gasoline



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