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General Information

Rocket V
I picked up this old rototiller for free. I have determined the engine is not original, and some of the parts are from a Rocket VII instead of a Rocket V. Although not the original engine, it does turn over, the drive train engages, and the tines turn, but I cannot get the tine clutch to disengage. Since it is not running right now, I don't see the last as an issue - yet!

I have replaced the carb and fuel tank, and the engine does run. Still need to work on the tines and the drive case.

I cleaned up the engine in the spring of 2020 and fixed a couple of oil leaks along the way. The years of oil/rust/etc. were washed away, leaving a pretty decent looking tiller! The engine fired up very easily with fresh fuel, even after sitting for a few years. I cleaned up the rest of the tiller, too. With the replacement engine, the original drive belt size is too short, so it needs a new, longer belt.

I finally realized I was never going to be using this tiller, since a large garden did not fit our plans. So I made the decision to sell the tiller at a local auction house in June 2020.
1977 Ariens Rocket V (Orange/White/Rust)


Wheel and Tire



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