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Montgomery Ward
I inherited the honor(lol) of fixing my fiances fathers',deceased, Montgomer ward lawn tractor. It has a B&S model 220707 10hp engine. It sat for 8 YEARS with no sparkplug, no fuel or oil, basically just put out to pasture. I was "asked" to rebuld this piece of nostalgia for her, and here I am. I was able to get it running, and it abruptly just shut off half way through mowing my back yard. I started with the electrical, rebuilding and cleaning the interior contacts of the ignition switch, replaced the selonoid, replaced the coil, but had to run wire from coil to a toggle for cut off since the keyed ignition switch wont kill the motor. furthermore, once that was done, I was able to get it to crank and run but i have no throttle response now, and it is backfiring dangerously through exhaust(which is glowing red) , and through carb(which dies when airfilter housing is replaced). I checked the float bowl, and tried adjusting carb and idle 1/4 turn at a time. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A SIMPLE ANSWER!!! Or, am I getting ready to spend a fortune?
1980 Montgomery Ward 130-497A (YELLOW, WHITE, RUST)


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