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141-960 Towne & Country
Green & White
Modified Sears Sleeve / 3 point hitch
I found this MTD 960 on Craigslist a few counties away. It was about 120 miles round trip.
I had seen the ad a week before when they had it for 200 dollars, which I didn't have. About 6 days ago I found the ad and they had reduced the price to 100 dollars.
They had it advertised as a Sears Tractor. I wasn't sure about that, but I knew it was probably made around 1975, give or take. and it had a three point hitch and wheel weights.
My Ralley Roper 11hp 36" had a spindle give out two weeks ago, so I had already decided I was either going to spend 100 dollars on new spindles or find another mower. The timing of this couldn't have been better and I was check Craigslist several times a day because I know the really great deals get away from you if you aren't there to jump on them.
I got the guys address then I rented a Uhaul 5 x 9 trailer and got on the road.
When I picked it up, I saw the Sears model number tag on the modified sleeve hitch and realized that was why he thought it was a Sears tractor. I didn't recognize the tractor. My best guess was that it was a "White".
I got it home and I couldn't find any numbers on the tractor or the motor.
I started searching the internet for images/pictures of older mowers and tractors and that lead me back to the MTF and it wasn't long before I had decided it was either a 140-960 or 141-960.
With the help of others on MTF sharing their experiences, I was able to find the Briggs numbers on the shroud. Even after finding them they were really hard to make out.
Just yesterday, while shoot PB Blaster everywhere that needed it, I found the tractor model number tag.
With the modified sleeve hitch, a PO had cut both fenders behind the seat and folded the metal straight up to make room for the hitch to operate. That made the tag hidden under the back of the seat and upside down. After finding that I confirmed it was a 141-960.
Two or three days after bring it home I rebuilt the carb, put in a battery and it started up
I was going to drive it around today, but got rained out.
Tomorrow is another day
1971 MTD 141-960 Towne & Country (Green & White)


Modified Sleeve / 3 Pt Hitch
Wheel and Tire
Volts & amps / Gasoline



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