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General Information

Mulching Blades and John Deere Utility Cart 10P
Bought new in North Carolina with 2 bag bagger, but I never used the bagger, because I just used the mulching blades to mulch the grass back in to the lawn. Performed scheduled mx as stated in manual. In 2012 I sent my tractor to the dealership to have the carburetor rebuilt and also had full service accomplished. I have only 145 hours as of February 2016. After the tractor was about 3 years old it started to peel the paint off of the metal painted parts. I think they did not prep it properly at the factory when it was being painted. So now every year I repair sections that start to show rust where the paint has started to peel off the metal. I used to pull a 2700 pound center console boat around in my driveway when I needed to move it for various reasons and it pulled strong. I purchased my John Deere in late 2006 right before I retired from the military when I was living in North Carolina near Fort Bragg Army base. My landlord lived across the street from me and he was a proud Puerto Rican. He owned a Sears 22 HP lawn tractor with manual transmission and he used to brag about it being a great tractor. About a week after I bought my John Deere I was in the back yard moving my boat in the grass and he came over and seen me moving the boat around, so obviously he had to go get his Sears tractor and try to pull my boat. He hooked up to my boat and put it in gear and his tractor just sat there and groaned like an old woman! It would not move my boat at all and he had the same horsepower
2 cylinder engine that my John Deere 135 had. He unhooked my boat and drove back home in shame. haha I just had to tell that story for the John Deere fans out there.


New front tires with tubes replaced Summer 2015.
Installed new tubes in original rear tires February 2016.
Tires have weather cracks on the sidewalls and air was leaking out, but the tread is still like new due to the low hours. Replacement tires for this size are expensive. the cheapest price I found for Carlisle turf saver tires is about $63.00 each with free shipping.
John Deere Utility Cart 10P
2 Bag Bagger



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