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General Information

John Deere
Purchased for $200.00 in Sept 2010 from an apartment complex (yes, $200.00). It showed up on Craigslist one late Friday afternoon, and I just happened to catch it when it was posted. Called immediately and the lady was shocked as she just logged off of Craigslist.

This was used at a small apartment complex to clear the snow but they didn't need it anymore. They closed at 5pm and there was no way I could make it there by then. I tried to pay over the phone, but they said no, just be here at 10am tomorrow and it would be mine since I was the first to call. They would give me a 30 minute timelimit and if not there by 10:30am, they would offer it to the next person.

I got there at 10:15am and was soooo nervous that there was a mistake in price that I kept telling myself "This ain't gonna happen". Lady takes my $200 and writes me a receipt. BINGO!

It came with 4-way angle plow on front.

So, since the initial $200 purchase, I've been buying some things for it.

(added because I was told I couldn't Bit*h until my costs were $2000.00 or more lol )


Purchased Sept 2010 - 1132 hrs
Replaced Battery - 1132 hrs
Replaced Trans Level Gauge/Line - 1132 hrs
Changed Oil / Hydro Fluid / All filters - 1132 hrs
Check / Add Coolant - 1132 hrs
Added rear halogen lights - 1135 hrs
Replaced all tires - 1140 hrs
Added SeaFoam to Oil and Fuel - 1144 hrs
Changed Oil - 1145 hrs
Added rear tailights w/wiring harness - 1142 hrs
Replaced Muffler - 1143 hrs
Replaced Exhaust Pipe/Gasket - 1144 hrs
Bled fuel system - 1145 hrs
Added Cap and Gauge Assy, Fuel - 1155 hrs
Replaced Front L bearings and snap ring - 1159 hrs
Added front spindle caps - 1159 hrs
Replaced Headlight Lens - 1160 hrs
Replaced OEM Seat - 1163 hrs
Added 3 pt hitch Combo Cat 0/1 - 1164 hrs
Added Sleeve hitch adapter - 1164 hrs
Added Rear weights bracket - 1164 hrs
Added Rear weights - 1169 hrs
Purchased 60" Mower Deck - xxxx hrs
Purchased Mower Deck Covers - xxxx hrs
Mower Deck Yokes
Mower Deck Hook Bolts
Mower Deck MCS Parts

Total Investment To Date: $3,676.49

Spare Parts Inventory - (these parts may or may not be for sale)

It's my philosophy that you always need spare parts so I am selectively trying to purchase what I think may be needed in the future. Don't you hate it when something "breaks" on a Sunday and you can't get a replacement part?

PLUS!!! I may have a spare part that can be overnighted to you to get you back up and running. I'd like to see OTHER mbrs list their spare parts in kind. Sort of like a little community that swaps parts, ya know?

If there's a part listed that you need to get you back up and running, then a PM or email can get you that part overnighted, with the understanding that you'll replace that part (plus what it costs to ship), for the member that sent it to you.

Some of these parts are waiting on me to add to (or I already have) the 430, they are denoted by astericks (*) and thus wouldn't be available to others.

PTO switch
Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Pipe Gasket
Intake Manifold
Exhaust Manifold
Foot Grips*
Trans Level Gauge
Electric Fuel Pump
Front Wheel Bearings
Diesel Fuel Cap
Snap Ring for front wheels
Headlight Lens
OEM Seat (SOLD as of 4/13/2012)
Vent Plug with Seal*
Steering Wheel
Coolant Tank and Hoses
Diesel Delay Module
Glow Plug Relay
OEM RockShaft
Power Steering Cylinder*
Belly Pan*
Glo Plugs (3)
Misc engine bolts/nuts
Front Grill
Hyd Cylinder for 54" 4-way front blade*
LED Lights
Engine Side Covers (L/R)
Mower Deck Parts:
.....Gauge wheels
.....Draft Arm (currently in use)

Future Purchase List

Front weights / bracket
Rear PTO

Misc Purchases:

Operators Manual
Service and Repair Manual
Tire Mounting
Hydro Oil
Steering Wheel Knob

I must say that the mower I purchased is a beast and it's a pleasure to cut grass with, though my original intention was just to use it for the lawn vac. I'm finding that I prefer it over my Craftsman GT 3000 mower :)
1988 John Deere 430 (Green)


Ruegg 3ph Combo Cat 0 / Cat 1
Ruegg Drawbar - with sleeve hitch, 2" receiver, and ability to hold 4 suitcase weights
Vredestein V61 in 18x8.50-8 6 ply
Carlisle Tru-Power in 26x12-12 4 ply
54" 4-way angle plow, mower deck (needs to be restored)
Wheel and Tire
12 vlt / Diesel (20 hp)



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