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Showcase cover image for jd2007's 1997 John Deere LT133 (sold 2/24/15)

General Information

John Deere
LT133 (sold 2/24/15)
Green & Yellow
When I got the mower the transmission input shaft was broke, swapped in a good transmission & started making tall grass short!
Swapped 15hp engine from a LT155 on the LT133, direct bolt-on swap. There wasn't anything wrong with the original 13hp engine but I came across the LT155 that was in bad shape but had a good engine for free so I figured the extra 2 hp wouldn't hurt. Easy swap.
I made the bumper shown in the pic but had to remove it for modifications & may make it the base piece to a full brushguard with LED work lights. I'm also looking into LED headlights to swap in for less amperage draw.
I've since removed the spring that assists in lifting/lowering the deck while on the machine as it made it a pain when the deck had to be removed for cleaning or sharpening the blades.
I'm currently running synthetic 10w30 oil with a Napa Gold 1348 oil filter which is larger than the oem AM125424 & it's the equivalent to a John Deere AM101207 which is the same size as a Kohler Command Pro oil filter. Larger oil filter means more filtering media. :)
1997 John Deere LT133 (sold 2/24/15) (Green & Yellow)


15x6x6 Carlisle Turf Master 4ply
20x10x8 Carlisle All Trail II 4ply
Added tach/hour meter, oil pressure gauge, & volt gauge. The tach/hour meter is ready to go but I still have to wire the oil pressure & volt gauge. I also had a steering wheel from a SST16 so I swapped it on the LT133 as well.
Since the headlights stay on anytime the engine is running I added a headlight switch so they can be turned off. I also added another light switch for future auxiliary LED lights. I replaced the orignal Sylvania 1156 headlight bulbs with some Sylvania SilverStar bulbs & they added some brightness.
Wheel and Tire
Converted charging system from 3amp to a 15amp with voltage regulator. The 13hp engine that was originally on the LT133 already had the 15amp charging system installed so when I swapped the 15hp engine onto the LT133 I swapped the charging system parts from the 13hp engine to the 15hp engine. Now I need additional lights or something to take advantage of the whopping 12amp increase!



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