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General Information

John Deere 18 week/1989
JD Green
38" Deck, Factory Bagging Assy, Ball hitch plate
I was gifted this JD in non running condition almost 2 years ago, this Info reflects Aug. of 2016.
I had some health issues and stored it in the garage untouched until 8- 15-16
Problems were non running due to bad battery, and an array of issues like a wire cut by someone on charging system and a fuse block tried to be added.
The engine is low hours and I gave it a full service filters "the works".
Electric clutch DOA, Was able to find a quality used one.
All belts were NEW and installed wrong on Primary's and 2nds but wrong sizes to boot. I have no clue what they fit.
So All new JD Belts installed. Carb clean out and reinstall.
Runs sweet and cuts grass now.

Deck Parts Noisy Spendles
Deck Bearing- on order
Jacksleeve bearing-on order
Idler pully - on order
Both new deck springs-one installed one on order at local JD Dealer
Chassis Needs:
Brake Pads-on order

Hard to find needed yell out if you have them:
Front light lens. This one is cracked may be repairable.

38" deck belt covers and brackets if any none appear
on this deck.

Longer term needs:
Tires Rear sidewalls are cracking checking pretty bad. Front tires are rounded on outside edges.

Overall running this machine cuts and runs sweet. I fixed all charging issues and fresh new battery. Cranks super cuts like a dream.
Deck bearing are noisy but parts ordered to solve that.
1989 John Deere 18 week/1989 170 (JD Green)



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