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Force 2000
Ford Corporate Blue/Ghost Gray
Prior to 2008 Gabi had fallen on hard times and "make do" repairs. Taken to a CNH dealer for consignment sale. There she got a largely cosmetic make over and was sold to a land developer who used him for finish grading and mowing. Since my purchase in March of 2017 he was hard to turn over. All starting components were replaced including Pertronix ignition. Once started he was then totally reliable and fully functional. Hard starting problem is behind us now.
1968 Ford Force 2000 (Ford Corporate Blue/Ghost Gray)


36 HP with 8 speed transmission
Sheet metal repainted, correct decal set applied
Zenith Carburetor, Pertronix electronic ignition, 17TF Napa battery, Replaced lower lift arms with correct parts. Remanufactured engine, new clutch and pressure plate. Hydraulic sump flushed and internal filters replaced.
31 (TractorData)
OEM warning light with conduit on left fender
12" Auger
Panel Fork
6' Rear Blade
1000 lb Counter Weight
36" dump scraper bucket
Wheel and Tire
6.5 X 16 Front 99%
13.6 X 28 Rear 99%


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Last summer Gabi was in her hayday. We joined the Classic Antique Power Club. Purchased a 2013 ML350 to pull a newly purchased and set up Big Tex hauler. In the fall, and with no warning, clutch bottomed out. Turns out that the PO had installed it without changing and pressure plate and did not readjust fingers to accommodate the new clutch. After a trip to repair shop, I learned that "checking the oil" is a multisensory routine involving smell and feeling the oil on the dipstick as well as just looking at the level. Fuel pump diaphragm had ruptured, putting gas in the oil (certainly not the first time) and finished wiping out bearings. So with new clutch and now a new remanufactured engine, my intended fall project of correcting a carelessly cut vertical exhaust hole in the hood by PO and repainting front sheet metal with new correct decals was finally finished at the first of April. Somewhere along the way I replaced the fan shroud (badly pitted before PO painted it) and both radius rods and all 4 ends that PO had used as step ladders.

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September 2020 started an odyssey to bring Gabi's steering up to par. Original steering gear box did not leak when I purchased Gabi in the spring of 2017...only because it was bone dry. I serviced it and of course it began to leak slowly and adjustments for steering wheel slop were bottomed out. Bought repop steering gear box but found it was incorrectly assembled and 2 pitman arms could not be both attached. Returned it. Bought 2nd repop steering gear box and with adjustments fully bottomed out, it still had 10" of steering wheel slop. Returned it. Found out that steering system originated at least by design if not used directly from Model T Ford car. Model T weighed 1100 to 1500 lbs but Ford 2000 tractor weights in at 3600 lbs. In discussions with a fellow tractor buff and also my mechanic, opinions were that power steering would save wear and tear on the steering gear box. Not to mention Gabi would no longer steer like a 1953 Mack truck.

Found a complete power steering system on a working/running 1970 2000 at a used parts place I have frequently done business with. Had it shipped, sand blasted upon arrival, primed with self etching primer and then a good coat of Ford corporate blue by way of rattle can. When mechanic began to work the job we found that the 1970 radius arms were 2 1/2 inches too long. Turns out that Ford changed the design of the front axle and radius arms in 1970 to make widening the front wheels easier to get the row width for cultivating. Waiting arrival of older style radius arms now.