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Rumely Oilpull
Dark green/red
Lots and lots of parts and thinking......
First off, this is not nor will it ever be, a real Rumely. I've always liked the Rumelys, but requires owning a bank or a bank president, one or the other, to buy Plus, a pretty big truck to haul it with.(the tractor, not the bank president)So, I decided to build one, roughly 1/3rd scale, started out with a front axle, rear diffrerential, and final axle from a mechanics cart which was originally powered by a 2-cyl Wisconsin through a 3 speed trans. I believe it originally came out of the aluminum plant over around Columbia Falls Montana.
So the rest of the tractor is a lot of homemade, frame, front bolster, steering is made from a Volkswagen Beetle steering box, John Deere D wheel, a cut and rewelded pitman arm, and so on. Engine is a 1948 Fairmont rr speeder engine. Rear fenders are from a set of new single axle trailer fenders, dollied out to their present shape. Control deck and inner fenders are plywood. About all that is left of the build is the drive system from flywheel to diff yolk, and still needs wheels painted, and stencilling done.
All in all its been quite a build. Another somewhat major(for me, I'm no machinist) was mounting the wheels; fronts are binder road wheels, rear are binder drive wheels. I had to build adapters to weld the wheels to which bllted on to the hubs of the front axle and rear final; some type of English Ford, I think.
0 Rumely Oilpull Homemade (Dark green/red)


Wheel and Tire
Battery/buss coil ignition, oil/gas mix,



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