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Showcase cover image for CommoGunSlinger's 0 John Deere LX176 “K” Series

General Information

John Deere
LX176 “K” Series
Used & Aged JD Green & Yellow with Black Bedliner
38” Mower Deck & 38” Snowblower
3rd Owner, basically over hauling/over due services of seals, fluid line replacement, rat rod’ing it to our needs and use cuase well Plastic Sucks in the Sub Acrtic regions.... So I and the kid are going to rehab it in steel. Hopefully by Spring mid Summer we can set it up for giving kids rides but as a primary snowblower and hopefully add in a bigger tractor with more creature comforts as we have fun and make due with what we have.
0 John Deere LX176 “K” Series (Used & Aged JD Green & Yellow with Black Bedliner )



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