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Showcase cover image for Central Park Murray GT 18hp 46" deck

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46" 3 blade mower deck
My Introduction Thread:

[QUOTE=TractorWrangler;1742184]Hi everyone,

I have 3 Murray Lawn Tractors.

The newest purchase being a 18hp 46" cut "Central Park"

Model# 46370X26A
Date 0544

Not really sure of the Year. I get different answers from everyone I ask.
It could be..
1996 or 2005 or 1994 depending on who you ask. LOL

Over all it is in pretty good shape but very dirty when I bought it.

Paint is slightly faded.
Plastic nose is cracked by the hinge.
Light bulbs were removed.
Engine seams to have been replaced.
Drag Link is pretty sloppy and seams to have been repaired bu using a piece of conduit bent around it to keep the ball joint from popping out. With a 130$ price tag I can see why they tried to fix it. LOL
Seat has some cracks.
Good tires.
It had filthy black thick oil in it. The guy said it hadn't been started in a year or so.
It started with a dump of gas in the carb and a jump. A little rough running but it may just need to be run.
I can't really run it much yet because I am waiting for the deck wheels and brackets else it will scalp the lawn.

Needs wheels and brackets and a roller for the deck. I ordered them today.

I think it was sold by "Handy Andy's" hardware stores.

I cleaned it up.
Changed the oil.
Pulled the heads and cleaned out the oil and carbon buildup.
Replaced the battery.

Now I am just waiting for the deck parts so I can start on that.

Here's a picture:

Here's One More.
[img][/img] [/URL]
These are after cleanup of course.[/QUOTE]
1996 Murray 46370X26A (Blue)


23 x 9.50 x 12
Wheel and Tire



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