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Got the family out for some fresh air
Restored magnetos ive done for friends, acquaintances, collectors, enthusiasts, relatives and the like.
Found this old tractor in my garage can anyone give me any info about it? There was no markings to be found. Also what it might be worth.
2003 DLT3000 with a Honda engine
Homelite t16 I bought in very rough shape and am now restoring it
Deck won’t raise,fluid is full,fuses are good
My 2 Ford N's 1939 9N and 1945 2N.. .
Runs perfectly starts 2nd or 3rd pull cold. Interested to see how much I can sell it for. If I was so inclined. I'm just testing the waters.
How do I troubleshoot why my Cub Cadet 7254 is not firing. Where can I get a copy of mechanics service manual?
My grandfather bought this tractor new and mowed his suburban houses lawn for 53 years until he bought another brand new simplicity in 2019, so I took this one off his hands and gave it a complete resto! To original standards!
Custom scale Army mule with JD influence
Turf trac 16 3 point deck front pto disc rototiller
rebuilt 4 years ago i work the tractor all the time the picture is hay ride but she is in the mud or doing something most of the time