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Royal Blue
This 1967 Ford F-100 truck belonged to my Dad. It was his only vehicle for many years on a 200 acre farm.
Speedometer was broken for no telling how long and actual mileage was possibly several hundred thousand miles.
The original engine (240CI IL6) was taken out in 1975 when it started smoking from oil usage and stored in his barn. Over the years 3-4 engine rebuilds were done to keep it on the road.
I received the truck when my Dad passed away and a frame off restoration was done and completed in 2004.
The original color was Ford's "Pebble Beige" and was not a color I was fond of so when the restoration was done I had the color changed to Royal Blue.
This is not necessarily a sexy truck by today's standards but it possess's some unique qualities that I appreciate on top of the "sentimental" attachment I have to the truck because of my Dad.
It is a step-side and came with the long wheel base. It was built in the Ford Plant in Toronto, Canada. Dad even saved the spare tire mount on the side of the bed located directly behind the driver.
1967 Ford F-100 (Royal Blue)



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