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International Harvester
Cub Cadet 100
cub cadet yellow
Grandpa was an insurance claims adjuster. He called my dad and said to come get this garden tractor at the salvage auction. That was about 1985 ish. I was about 3. The cub had a fire, and Dad got it rebuilt in about 92. Sometime around 95-96 The shifter slipped out of the shift knuckes while shifting without clutching, (since the clutch was non functional and in bad need of rebuilding) she was left in gear and dragged to rest for over a decade in a horse field. The horses took a liking to chewing on the steering wheel, and the hood. tires went flat. I bugged dad about letting it rust to death on occasion. Finally in the summer of 20011 I talked dad into dragging it out of the field, onto a trailer and backing it up to the garage. We began surgery. 4 days later we were able to re-assemble a functional tractor. rebuild drive train. cleaned up transmission housing, replaced the tranny fluid, replaced crankcase oil, tires - they aired up perfectly after sitting flat for 10years. I have not had to add air to them in over a year, still holding air. So far I have repainted the hood and had to surgically remove teh old steering wheel for the new one, (lots of anti seize this time). Next is to remove the steering box and the grill, for much needed cleaning and painting. and probbably the wheels while I am at it. Heck i might just get excited and pull the kohler out again (I hate unbuckling that drivetrain.) we're working on a full restore. Pics will follow.
2012 International Harvester Cub Cadet 100 (cub cadet yellow)


working on a 3 point
Wheel and Tire
12 v gasoline


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