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  1. SCUT or CUT

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Most current model SCUTs have GT sized tires (26x12-12 rear tires). The illustration indicates a CUT. That being said, there are some older model CUTS with tires that are more suited to GTs and SCUTs with tires more suited to the current versions of CUTs.
  2. Which end of the shower do you get in?

    Off Topic
    So, your wife is the one that gets to wipe up the water from the spray that escapes through the opening at the wall end? Sounds like a 'make work' project.
  3. Eaton hydraulic motor displacement

    Either way, it's still hydraulics. In theory, for the original application; Input rpm X Pump displacement / Motor displacement = motor rpm. Rejig the numbers to suit your modifications. Motor torque is dependent on motor displacement and pressure and results in inch pounds of torque...
  4. Laymor LB30 backhoe spool valve regulator?

    At times, the manufacturer of the equipment will determine that a specific valve spool will need to be restricted to reduce flow to a cylinder to modify it's performance in relation to the other cylinders for a smoother operation. This can be done by: - Use of a smaller fitting in a specific...
  5. Forum Software Update! Site Help
    I have an aluminum straight edge to guide my steel cutting edge. Other than that, my computer uses IE7.
  6. Eaton hydraulic motor displacement

    LOL My alternate method does leave the possibility of a small bit of oil where you don't want it. Disassemble the motor and measure the gears. Plug the numbers into this calculator.
  7. 54" Inch Snow Blade Frozen Hydrostatic

    John Deere Forum
    Condensation will sometimes form inside the caps (5) covering the ends of the spools. Not really a problem in the summer, but water freezes and expands in subfreezing temps. That will prevent the operator from moving the spool, and , with the expansion of the ice, push the spool enough to allow...
  8. Forum Software Update! Site Help
    Do the watermarks on every post serve any purpose beyond being an annoyance for the readers?
  9. Eaton hydraulic motor displacement

    Just google the model number. The displacement is 36 cc, or 2.2 cu-in.
  10. Sub compact or compact

    New Holland/Case-New Holland/LS
  11. Husqvarna Rider 322T AWD

    I have to agree with this. A couple of seconds here and a couple more there starts to get old after a while, and adds up over a full day. Generally, while lifting the blower, the tractor isn't moving. It's not that both can't occur at the same time, it's just that the operator has a difficult...
  12. Tire ballast difference

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Add wheel weights! While the supporting structure is lower, the center if mass of the 400 lb of liquid is even higher than the tractor's normal CofG. Adding suitcase weight flat in the bucket and carrying the bucket as low as possible for the ground clearance available will also help. I have...
  13. What is "All Gear, Control Traction Type"?

    Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    Some differential gear set arrangements can offer similar results to what is available with posi-trac. Any type of differential depends on traction to function effectively. When it comes to snow conditions, chains make for the most improvement in traction, but they work even better with the...
  14. Tire ballast difference

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    The CofG for liquid ballast is below the axle center line. Normal CofG for any tractor is above the axle center line. Stability will be enhanced with the combined lowering of the CofG. It gives a nice safety cushion, but if you push the issue, you can still end up looking up at the tractor...
  15. 318, replacing front hydraulic line, drain hydro?

    John Deere Forum
    He's replacing a dead ended work line from the spool valve to the quick connect at the front of the tractor. That purge procedure will not work to push air out of that line unless there is a cylinder plugged into it. SOP to purge a work line is to cycle the cylinder attached to full extension...
  16. High Fives to Our Newest Admin

    Off Topic
    Congratulations, Harry!!!
  17. Max ballast 4x5?

    John Deere Forum
    The recommended fill level is actually 75%. For the Carlisle Multi Trac CS turfs on my tractors, that puts the level about 1-1.5" above the outside of the rim as shown by a dew or frost line on the rubber sidewall. While different profile tires (eg. ags and turfs) will have different volumes...
  18. Husqvarna Rider 322T AWD

    Chains can be added to two wheels if the pressure is lowered to compensate for the difference in rolling circumference. (That's about 2 psi. One psi at rated pressure is roughly 1/4" difference in the rolling radius.) It may take some effort to synchronize the drives on concrete, but the front...
  19. Husqvarna Rider 322T AWD

    165/60-8 = 16x6.50-8 Nominal size. 165 = Tread width in millimeters. (6.496") 60 = Aspect ratio (Tread width X 0.60 = tread to rim height.) Tire diameter (height) = 2 X Aspect ratio X Tread width + Rim diameter. (15.8")
  20. Backhoe swing cylinder

    The Barn
    Look carefully around the circumference at the head end of the cylinder. There may be a set screw preventing the gland from unscrewing. My dealer had to apply heat to the head end of the bucket cylinder for my hoe to get it apart to change the rod when still under warranty. I think that a 3'...
1-20 of 435 Results