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  1. New Canadian here

    Always glad to have a new friend that we haven't met before...thank you for joining us...that is a great looking machine ...good luck with it and more pictures....
  2. Windows 10 Update

    Computer and Electronics
    So did not lose any of the pictures in the update? To post pictures I usually have to resize I use Irfranview for editing ( it is in its ability but is pretty good)...then I created a "resized" folder ...which is just an edited and shruknen copy of something...
  3. Windows 10 Update

    Computer and Electronics
    That is what I do not like...when you open pictures they open up as a can name the files ( right click, select rename....easy)...but they open up according to the date that you entered them on your that what you are asking about? If you are referring to when you...
  4. Snow Tonight/Tomorrow

    The Weather Station
    I just use my phone for making phone calls and a little texting...I would never be able to even figure out how to get on the site with a phone šŸ˜ but a few guys did chime in letting you know does not sound any more difficult than any other computer function that you would attempt on a...
  5. Windows 10 Update

    Computer and Electronics
    I have been using 10 for a few years first I was in a state of confusion....but it is quite easy to use...nothing really to learn...just a question of getting used to it...the only thing I don't like about the progress of the Windows operating systems is the "my pictures" feature...I...
  6. New To Tractoring, But Jumping Right In...

    Hey ..welcome to MTF...I think that "white tractor" is Ford Jubilee or 600 series from mid '50s...but there are some FORD guys on here that could tell you for any event it is all good looking equipment...if you have the room ( and it sounds like you would) ..I would not sell any of...
  7. Transporting Tractor Question

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    I just looked at U-Haul's site..that 26 footer with the easy load ramp might do it...the other thing could be the U-Haul box...or PODs...they are at ground level at your yoou can drive in....they pick it up and put it onto a truck and deliver and put it back on the ground and you can...
  8. Snow Tonight/Tomorrow

    The Weather Station
    Whirly...have not rune into you in a have you been?
  9. Small Engine Diagnostic Tachometer?

    Tool Reviews
    I have this one and I have checked the reading with the type with the wire that wraps around the spark plug wire and...
  10. Transporting Tractor Question

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Yeah...the weight is no problem ...just getting it onto and off of something like a box truck or trailer is a little bit of a challenge...I have rented a bunch of open trailers on which the back gate is a substantial ramp also...I stick with the trailers, because of the cost of the trucks...but...
  11. New member

    Glad you joined us here...check this forum that is the Craftsman forum...great information and help for your machine on that forum
  12. Cub cadet

    Hi Bradley...welcome to MTF...the friendliest tractor forum ( or maybe just the friendliest forum of all, not just tractors)...drop in to the Cub Cadet forum someone who checks in there regularly should see it and be able to help...
  13. Seized clutching pulley

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    Evan...welcome to the should stop in at the introduction forum and tell us about yourself then hop over to the Craftsman Forum where you will meet some guys who...
  14. Legacy XL PTO RPM

    Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    You live on Long Island? must have the only Legacy on LI....I might have the only other Simplicity...but just a Broadmoor
  15. What’s this package worth?

    John Deere Forum
    Based on his asking price .....he does not know what it is worth...probably hoping that someone who has no idea...( or did not ask on a forum like this) will give him that kind of money
  16. 2305 high hours

    John Deere SCUT
    1,000 hours on any diesel is really nothing...just use the right engine oil in it and it should go for a long time..5,000 hours is o the high side but not unrealistic ...according to tractor data it was less than 12,000 new (plus attachments) much is the seller asking?
  17. 430 rear pto

    John Deere
    Hey Scott...good to have you aboard ..why don't you stop in at our "Introduction" Forum tell us a little about yourself and your tractor...then hop over to the JD forum and ask...
  18. What’s this package worth?

    John Deere Forum
    That is hard to put a price on, particularly because he wants it to go as a package and it includes a parts tractor with an engine that needs that tractor has minimal value....and you would need room to store it and to work on it.....if the main tractor is a decent tractor you should...
  19. Help with a short PTO shaft issues??

    BIG John Deeres
    Hey...Welcome to the friendliest Tractor Forum...try the John Deere Forum someone should see your question and be able to help you should also stop in at the Introductions forum and introduce yourself...
  20. Transporting Tractor Question

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Although the advice offered here is are you going to get that into the box of the truck? That is too high for ramps,and that is a heavy tractor....and who is driving the truck?....I think a low open trailer would also allow you to secure the tractor in one spot to keep it from...
1-20 of 354 Results