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  1. Proud new owner of a 322!

    John Deere Forum
    Well I can tell you that you have a great machine there, I may be a bit partial though since that's what I have. I've seen video's of the Berco blowing snow and they toss it out 60 - 80 feet which is just amazing. You will be very happy with the machine, the only thing I've noticed on mine is...
  2. (Long Post Warning) Time To Replace My Lawn Tractor is Nearing

    John Deere Forum
    Well when I started with the forum I was 6'3" and about your weight. I've since added another person to my body and still using a JD 322, yes it is a very tight fit and setting the seat back all the way doesn't make it "comfortable". So that along with the hilly terrain would tell me that you...
  3. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    Prayers for your mother for a good surgery and quick recovery.
  4. Please help, i need to mount my JD L120's snowblower onto my new E170

    John Deere Forum
    Well just keep learning and when the time comes you'll have some answers for somebody else.
  5. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Rooster, the company that owns MTF had over 150 sites to upgrade and they have many of the Motorcycle, ATV, Truck, Snowblower, Snowmobiles, and other equipment sites on the Internet. So there are going to be a lot of sites being moved to a new software. They stated they were doing 3 a day, so...
  6. Float stopped working (140)

    John Deere Forum
    Well at least you know what the problem and solution are. That and a few bucks will get you back in business.
  7. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Site News and Feedback
    OBC, word back from VS is that photos are retained in the thread but there is no folder where a member can see all their pics in the forum.
  8. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Site News and Feedback
    Do you mean "Garage" folder? Again, I'm not saying I like the new format, just telling you where to look. We have not seen anything that works the same as the old garage folder where you could put more technical information into it.
  9. Caption This! 12-10-19

    Humor and Jokes
    I'm telling you, a mountain of Muslims drove by!
  10. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Site News and Feedback
    OBC, popular communities is one of the changes to the new site. Not saying I like it either but it's one of the changes, those have been reported to VS as not being needed on MTF. They are not "focused" on making changes yet to sites on Xenforo, they are still moving sites from vBulletin to...
  11. Float stopped working (140)

    John Deere Forum
    Had you had any issues with it before? Sometimes those valves need to be cleaned in the Hydraulic control unit. Although I would try some lubricant on them while working it to see if that doesn't help/solve the issue.
  12. What did you do to or on your John Deere today?...2.0

    John Deere Forum
    Good thing you didn't have AWD because when you get one of those stuck good luck getting it out!! :eek:
  13. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Well, in a lot of regards this has been about a 50/50 split. They did try to keep as much of the useful old features that they could. One thing about look and feel is that look and feel are copywrite issues with software. Since this is a completely new software they couldn't keep things the...
  14. Upgraded from LA115 to X320

    John Deere Forum
    You are on the right page, you just need to select on of those results. For your purpose choose X320 - Tractor, Lawn
  15. Superload right by house

    Harry, they said on the news some type of "dryer" heavens only knows what a load of laundry you could get done in that thing! šŸ˜‚
  16. John Deere 314 Columbus Ohio, $100

    Ebay/Craig's List
    If you wanted a project that'd keep you off the streets for a while!!
  17. Superload right by house

    Funny you replied, I was thinking about a locomotive making it's way from Pittsburgh to your neck of the woods and what that would look like!!!
  18. JD 318 Driveshaft Repairs

    John Deere Forum
    Should be an interesting and informative thread Frank!
  19. New To Tractoring, But Jumping Right In...

    Very nice intro to the forum! Welcome to MTF! Lots of info on here and great members to assist with most anything with equipment and vehicles...and lot's of other things too!
  20. Superload right by house

    Had a superload go by my house tonight on a small State Highway, escorted by State Police and with lead vehicles, pusher truck and all sorts of support vehicles. Quite the convoy.
1-20 of 302 Results