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  1. 127 sleeve hitch advise

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Thanks so much
  2. 127 sleeve hitch advise

    Cub Cadet Forum
    I am looking to put a sleeve hitch on my 127. I apologise for my lack of seemingly readily available knowledge. I need some advise on what exactly I need. There is no hitch or parts on the tractor now. Thanks Matt
  3. MF 240 advise

    Massey-Harris/Massey Ferguson
    Good day all. I'm recently retired and looking for a small?? tractor to pull a scraper blade. York take. Box scrape. Not going to be working it everyday. Possibly 100 hours a year. A 240 has come up for sale locally. 1 owner. Apparently purchased in 1989. Diesel. 2900 hours. Stored...
  4. Opinion needed about JD 400

    John Deere Forum
    Thanks. That sounds like good advise. I will start taking it apart this week and investigate further.
  5. Opinion needed about JD 400

    John Deere Forum
    In a quandary. Recently retired and just getting into small tractor world. Was given a 400 that was supposed to be running when parked. 1800 hours showing on clock. Well there is no doubt the motor is seized now. Had only been sitting 2 years in a barn. What direction do I go in now...
  6. Case 444 hitch

    Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    Wow. Thanks for the info. I will certainly be checking the used categories.
  7. Case 444 hitch

    Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    I have searched. I have a cub cadet and searches yield numerous options for hitches. I searched case 444. Ingersol 444. Just not having any luck yet. I was hoping someone who had experience with them could point me in a direction.
  8. Case 444 hitch

    Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    I recently purchased a 1986 444. Overall in very good condition. My question, until others arise, is a 3 point hitch. I see them all over for Cubs and Deere's but am having a hard time finding info for any kind of hitch for this Thanks.
  9. 448 salvage

    Case_Ingersoll_Colt Forum
    I was recently given a 448. Not sure of year. Orange model. No deck or accessories. I have been bitten by the small tractor bug. I have a couple of other tractors that I take care of grass with. The intended use of the 448 is to help clear an area of woods, pulling a drag. The unit has...
  10. new from maryland

    hi all recently retired. somehow ended up with several garden tractors in and around the garage. projects at the present time. cub cadet. runs great. use it weekly. now i need attachments. case 448. barn find. not currently running. John deere 420. not running yet. also have a...
1-10 of 10 Results