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  1. Pop ups Site Help
    I am using Mozilla with Windows. I can clear my cache if necesary but it is a pita to re enter all my passwords.
  2. Pop ups Site Help
    Each time I respond to a particular post I get a pop up from Google offering me a new gizmo, I am unable to clear it without closing the tab. My pop up blocker is on. Any suggestions besides a shootin'? I am within city limits.
  3. MTD engine thoughts.

    I have seen a few. There is no point other than curiosity or warranty assessment opening them up as parts are not available, it's either a short block or new engine. Our local shop gave up doing warranty for them, too much aggravation.
  4. Caption This! 10-22-19

    Humor and Jokes
  5. Caption This! 10-21-19

    Humor and Jokes
    But dat's da way da boss tol me to do it
  6. '72 140 Carburetor

    John Deere Forum
    What is the Spec number?
  7. Need tractor to mow 2 acres. Ideas?

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    That Toro 52 will be a commercial model, at 1500 bills I bet it is an old Groundsmaster with a lot of hours on it. Buyer beware.
  8. My 50 year old John Deere 112 sat for a decade...

    John Deere Forum
    If the tank comes out easily have it steam cleaned. You can also put in some crushed gravel and water to swirl around to break the scale loose but make sure you thoroughly rnse it out. Make sure you use a quality fuel filter and change it frequently. Of course if the tank is rusted through and...
  9. Need tractor to mow 2 acres. Ideas?

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    Are you set on a conventional tractor? Would you consider a zero turn? It would be my choice, a tractor is too slow with all the backing and turning to suit me. My first choice would be Toro, it is a well built machine with a good local dealer. The entry level Husqvarna and MTD built machines...
  10. Caption This! 10-20-19

    Humor and Jokes
    He said #8 screws were big enough
  11. BX1860 Loader Won't Curl

    Kubota SCUT
    Don't feel bad, we have all been there at some point or are about to be. Or we are danged liars. I once had the carburetor off my truck the night before a trip, the next morning it would not shift properly. In a panic I took it to a shop I knew, he opened the hood, removed the air cleaner and...
  12. Caption This! 10-19-19

    Humor and Jokes
    I think I would rather have dropped.
  13. Caption This! 10-18-19

    Humor and Jokes
    Hmmm, think your insurance will cover it?
  14. Caption This! 10-16-19

    Humor and Jokes
    No speekin englees
  15. Time to Throw This Saw In The Trash?

    Chain Saws
    Feed a piece of starter rope into the spark plug hole and turn the crankshaft until the piston hits it. Now give the clutch rotor a good rap with a 2# hammer and drift punch. Same with reinstalling it and install the bar and chain before starting the saw. You don't want the clutch coming off at...
  16. Whats hidden in the Blackberries?

    The Barn
    Great hiding spot! I like blackberries but sure hate dealing with the vines.
  17. Time to Throw This Saw In The Trash?

    Chain Saws
    I suggest having a go at repairing it, Echo is a good brand. Check the oil pump output line, it may be cracked. It can be accessed by removing the clutch, left hand thread so righty loosey. You mentioned 'one handed use'. That is a very dangerous practice, if the saw kicks back you will have no...
  18. Best Mower for 3 Acres

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    With mower only and 3 acres I would want a zero turn. I cut almost that much with a Kubota SCUT with a 54" deck and while a fine machine it was too slow to suit me.
  19. Caption This! 10-14-19

    Humor and Jokes
    I take it the truck is front wheel drive
  20. Bar and Chain Oil Question????

    Chain Saws
    I use Stihl because it is a lot cheaper than bars and chains, it is also locally available. Basically if it is sticky and provides lube to the underside of the bar it's better than nothing.
1-20 of 495 Results