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  1. Windows 10 Update

    Computer and Electronics
    Thanks, everybody, for this thread. I have an HP core i5 laptop running Win 7 Home. I was going with Ubuntu 18.04 in January. Just upgraded to Win 10 and it went smoothly. Runs just a bit slower.
  2. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    The green dot means you have an your avatar and see the alert. IE: someone just posted in this thread.
  3. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Ditto on having location under the user name. You CAN hover over avatar and see it but that's an extra step that should not be needed. Change and things are worse is no improvement.
  4. Husqvarna rancher 44

    Chain Saws
    Your dealer didn't want to work on it. Parts are readily available. OEM Fuel Line is 501458301. Is that all that's needed? Doubtful if fuel line is trashed. Surely need fuel pickup, carb cleaning, rebuild kit. Look up all part #s...
  5. Poulan Super 250 A

    Chain Saws
    That's a D, not an 0. Model is S25DA. Oil Pump body gasket is Poulan 530019054. Search web for that. And you can search web for Poulan S25DA IPL, then look up all part #s.
  6. Dynamark All Wheel Steer North AL/South TN

    Ebay/Craig's List
  7. Deere D110 - piston moves but flywheel stuck

    John Deere Forum
    As others have said, rod is not moving piston. Even if you can do the rebuild, parts prices make it unreasonable. I had a small Briggs 12S912 that needed some internal parts and they were $125. Not worth it when used engines are so cheap. Look on CL or FB for a LT/GT that has a bad deck, no...
  8. What carb kit do I need?

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    Search ebay "Briggs 313707" or "Briggs 495935". Dozens of carbs come up for $13. I bet a rb kit costs that and no guarantee of success. Straight SAE 30 wt will be fine.
  9. Winter Weight Oil Question. Year Round Oil?

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Maybe they did change the SAE viscosity rating method? Or certain additives make it slicker? Like T-H, I recall in the 1970s - pushing the pointed spout into a real 30 wt oil can and leaving it upside down to drain for seemingly forever. New 1 qt bottles drain quickly.
  10. Gas running out of carb

    Cub Cadet Forum
    So, gas comes out of throat just when fuel flows to carb or just when cranking engine? Carb bowl fills, float floats, pushes needle into seat, no more gas flows.
  11. Winter Weight Oil Question. Year Round Oil?

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I learned a lesson with a 93 Ford Escort w/ 200k miles. In 2005, I changed from dino to full synthetic. 300 miles later, I had low oil pressure and looked underneath to see a drip from the rear seal every 5 secs. Now, I don't change old engines with old seals to synthetic. Maybe newer oils have...
  12. Carb Adjusting Probs - Time for Rebuild?

    Chain Saws
    Also, check that the muffler screen isn't clogged. It will idle fine but will bog on throttle up.
  13. Craftsman Model 917.252520

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    You've done a lot. Compression? If battery spins the starter fast enough, bet it will get past comp release and a gauge will give you a fairly accurate reading. Get reading, then dump a tsp of 90wt gear oil in plug hole, then re-read. Big jump means low compression. Carb still may be clogged. A...
  14. Honda GC 190 carb

    Small Engines and Repair
    If you search the thread title, this comes up:
  15. Can I install a columbia 42'' mower deck on a Yard Machine tractor?

    LT looks like a Troy Bilt Bronco painted orange. Maybe 13WX78KS011 will work. Compare this deck. Troy-Bilt 983-04572-0637 (Superseded to 983-04572A-0637)  SHELL-42" 2W DECK
  16. Honda HR215 Squeak!!!

    Walk Behind Mowers
    Here is the operator manual: Will need your serial #. Never worked on one - some possibles: where axle joins wheels squeaks, tranny low on oil?
  17. Honda HR215 Squeak!!!

    Walk Behind Mowers
    Need more of a model #. HR215HXA, HR215SXA. Hydrostatic or mechanical tranny?
  18. Odd Looking Engine on Pulsar Push Mower

    Walk Behind Mowers
    Thanks, guys. I was thinking of getting it to play with, but I'll pass.
  19. Poulan Pro 18" Chainsaw

    Small Engines and Repair
    TobyU has it. A Bic pen is a good size to re-seat vent barbs. I hadn't had much luck getting them to not leak. I end buying a new fuel cap ~$6. Or I forget duckbill, JB weld cap hole, drill hole in top of fuel tank on clutch side, stick Echo tank vent in. Or could stick duckbill in.
  20. Need a replacement ignition key for Model 917.28851 (YT3000, 2013)

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    Search web for 917.28851. Parts houses come up. Pick one. Search key inside model. Here's an example:
1-20 of 233 Results