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  1. My "New" Cub Cadet 3235

    Cub Cadet Forum
    I've been curious about the 3000 series. I've had an 1863 since 2012 and a 1641 since 2014 that I use like small farm tractors. They are tough tractors and I would hate to be without them but at 68 with bad hips, knees and a big gut I can see some advantage to the step through frames and the...
  2. Rigid 18 inch pipe wrench

    Tool Reviews
    My sister and I took Mother to the Dr yesterday. On the way home we passed a small flea market where my sister saw some Corning Ware and wanted to stop. The lady that had the cookware also had 2 pipe wrenches, one an 18 inch Rigid. I ask her how much and she said $10 so I bought it. I have a 14...
  3. Another Craftsman Hydro with Kohler Command

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    I had this mower in the garage the past few days. I removed the deck, sharpened the blades, lubed all the linkage and reinstalled it. I took it to mothers to use this coming spring but when I unloaded it I smelled gas. I put my hand on the underside of the tank and felt gas so I took the tank...
  4. New project....

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    I'd be on Craigslist or Facebook looking for an old mower with a running engine. Example Facebook Marketplace: Murray 17hp twin cylinder 46inch - Garden Items - Gurley, Alabama Cannon
  5. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    Thanks Mike. I was sorry to read about the loss of your mother. I try to live with the mindset of excepting Gods providence, but it's not always easy. Cannon
  6. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    Update; Mother stayed in the hospital 6 days and was sent to The Siskin Rehabilitation Center. They have been working with her to get her strength back and teach her proper wheel chair and walker techniques. They are going to keep her 10 days, She is scheduled to be released this coming Saturday...
  7. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    That's important work Steve. My hats off to you. I just got home, my sister in law is staying with her tonight. Cannon
  8. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    Kidney is out. She's in recovery and doing good. So far so good. Thanks all. Cannon
  9. 91 year old mother having surgery today

    Prayer Chapel
    It's Vivian. Surgery started about 3:15 eastern.thanks
  10. Getting a Trailer Tag?

    Jere; that's exactly what I'm afraid of. I did call the tag office yesterday and they said if the trailer was less than 2000 lbs (I assume GVW) that a bill of sale was ok. If over that a title was necessary. She said if it hadn't been licensed in Ga before I would have to have the local police...
  11. Getting a Trailer Tag?

    I've been looking for a 5x8 or 5x10 utility trailer on Craigslist or FBM. I've contacted a few sellers and neither could offer anything except a Bill of Sale, no title or tag receipt. I live in GA but am less than 20 miles from TN and AL so the trailer might come from another state. The old...
  12. Dragged Home a Dead LT160

    John Deere Forum
    I got it all back together yesterday. I drove it around a few minutes and it seemed to do fine. I put it in the shed to hibernate for the winter. Cannon
  13. Dragged Home a Dead LT160

    John Deere Forum
    I got a little less than 2 qts of black oil out of it. I put just over 2 qts of Mobil 1 back in it. It's ready to go back in the tractor but I have a rule against finishing a job in one day. Cannon
  14. Dragged Home a Dead LT160

    John Deere Forum
    I dragged the photo to the post. It didn't really end up where I wanted it but maybe I'll get better at it. Cannon
  15. Dragged Home a Dead LT160

    John Deere Forum
    After 5 years I'm finely getting around to changing the fluid in the LT160 trans. Last summer for the first time it wouldn't pull up the bank on the Right of Way., I thought could smell the belt slipping but I don't know if that was the cause. I took the mower to the car wash before I removed...
  16. Junk Windfall

    Walk Behind Mowers
    I pulled the motors off the mowers in post #33 and #34. The frames went in the dumpster, the engines went in the out building. I think I've still got 10 push mowers so I decided not to put any more work into those 2. Cannon
  17. Snap Ring Pliers Suggestions

    Tool Time
    I bought the Channellock 927 pliers a few years ago when the cheapo's I had wouldn't remove the axle seal clips on my Cub Cadet. Not the best you can buy have done a good job. Cannon
  18. Sears Tractor 917.288033

    Craftsman/Sears Forum
    According to the "Electrical Schematic" at Sears Parts. You have a Briggs with 3 amp DC and 5 amp AC output. These stators don't fail very often. Most of my old tractors have the DC...
  19. John Deere Hydro 165

    Small Engines and Repair
    I believe this is a 165 deck. Cannon
  20. Burns Chain Drive Tiller Question

    Tiller Talk
    I checked mine when I was at the barn yesterday, it does use a vbelt. If your pulleys (engine and chain case) have a V then it should use a regular belt, the idler pulley will be flat. There are videos on YouTube of people putting those engines on tillers. Cannon
1-20 of 464 Results