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  1. I think I've been here before L2550

    Slow progress is still progress and even a turtle wins a race once in awhile. Your perseverance is overcoming the obstacles. Looks good and will look even better when that green paint is covered with orange... or not. But at least everything is coming together. MikeC
  2. BX2230: Dumb mistake, What's it gonna cost?

    Kubota SCUT
    I'm sure you saw that the last post on this thread was in July 2017. The OP was last on the forum four months ago. Perhaps he will see your post, but suggest you send him an email. Hope you get the info you need. MikeC
  3. JD 2440 cold start system

    John Deere
    Just for the heck of it, you may want to take a read of this: JD 2440 Cold Starting Provisions - Yesterday's Tractors Might help with some other ideas. MikeC
  4. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Can only say one thing - Wow. No, better make that WOW! What a trip. Don't know how I ever missed this but just read through the whole story, and what a story it is. All the elements of a best seller. The search, finding the holy grail, and then the battle against overwhelming odds to bring it...
  5. Frozen blade angle adjustment

    Snow Removal Equipment
    As Dave mentioned, a snow deflector is the best idea. If you google homemade snow plow deflector or DIY snow deflector, you'll get some ideas. There are ATV deflectors out there for around $75, some a bit less. Here's a link for a pic to give you some ideas...
  6. New BX2380 Ordered

    Kubota SCUT
    Here is a link with picture and quote from TBN about rear hookup on BX series. Hope this helps. MikeC
  7. Dehumidifiers

    My Place
    Yupper, real brain bubble on that. Have no idea how I got to that from thought that was - warm air releases the moisture when if comes into contact with colder surfaces/air. Thanks for clearing that up. Now lets talk about fog cause that is apparently what I was in that morning.:eek: MikeC
  8. Project: LoBoy Custom

    Cub Cadet
    Hi all. This is Elaine, MikeC's better half. Please don't keep doing this. I'm writing this after Mike was doing his usual forum cruising when he suddenly fell on the floor and is having spasms while moaning "I can't believe it, I can't believe it...." Seeing the subject matter he was reading...
  9. Dehumidifiers

    My Place
    As the air gets colder it is capable of holding more moisture but has already been said a dehumidifier does not work well in those colder temps. Here is a link to several solutions. One other note- aside...
  10. Project: LoBoy Custom

    Cub Cadet
    Well he's back and waxing philosophically about things in the past. Maybe that will soon include what he's doing on the Lo Boy... cause as we all know THAT'S REALLY IN THE PAST! :devilish: MikeC BTW: Hey Ellis, see there's an emoji here just for you \ to save you from typing your usual...
  11. The waiting is the hardest part

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    The furnace in my son's shop (NG) was old,so old in fact that four different gas folks had no idea what side the orifice should be to facilitate a change over to LP. Not sure I understand how LP guys couldn't work it out but with no numbers or tags they wouldn't guess. Suppose cya in case they...
  12. Clamp-on snow blades

    CUT Implements and Accessories
    If you are looking for the cost just contact them. They have the form just below the article about the clamp on. Not only will you get the cost you will have it for your model tractor. Then you have a baseline as you shop around. As for the use, the only clamp on I use are a set of forks. The...
  13. John Deere 855 front Quick Tach Rant and Question

    CUT Implements and Accessories
    Congrats on your fabrication, getting the results you were hoping for AND saving a sizable chunk of change! MikeC
  14. Winter's coming, time to build a cab...

    Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    Great Job on the build. Really like that it appears to be roomy as all get out so should make entry and exit a lot easier than those smallet fabric and hoop models. MikeC
  15. Fluid Film on Your Tractor

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I use FF on my truck and then started using it on my plow, four wheeler and snow blower. Has prevented any more rust and pretty much stoped rust where there had been some. Working better than when I tried painting, especially in crevices and joints. Can't help with the problem of grass sticking...
  16. Needed a new welding cart, so I built one.

    Welding, Metalwork, and Fabricating
    Real nice jub. As for the drawer, if you do the lift out, make sure it's all light stuff on the top cause lifting it out all the time gets to be a pia. I'd use the bottom for bulk storage of consumables and then only have to remove top section for replenishing. BTW, drawers, tubes and all the...
  17. Hi guys, been a VERY long time since I had a Ford!

    Ford/Post 1990 New Holland
    Eric, good sturdy looking plow. So looks like this will join the fleet. MikeC
  18. Hello from Upstate NY (Sullivan Co)

    Yeah, Eric and I both share the "Gunks" in our backyard. You are so right about the hiking/biking trails. And being retired I can go mid-week and avoid all of the fun loving adventure seeking NYC / LI and Jersey folks that come up to partake.:tango_face_surprise Word to the wise get to the lots...
  19. 1962 Italian tracked tractor restoration

    Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    Lot of work to get in that condition. Shame to hear it sits in dealers yard gathering rust. BTW Just curious, how long did your restoration take? MikeC
  20. Forum Software Update! Site Help
    Jere, sent you a PM. Should (operative word) be cleared up. MikeC
1-20 of 213 Results