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  1. Homelite SXLAO

    Chain Saws
    Which carb u have is it a tillotson ? or walbro yes you can change from a walbro to a tillotson and vise versa also the retaining nut you speak of can you post a image of that part you referring to so i have something to go by ?
  2. Homelite Yard Sale Score + a JD

    Chain Saws
    Nice saw
  3. Chain saw

    Chain Saws
    Part number 59114
  4. older chain saw parts

    Chain Saws
    What models ?
  5. Homelite chainsaw

    Chain Saws
    Im not sure if its my computer or this site causing slow to browse but anyhow what do u need help on ?
  6. Homelitr Super XL repairable or not

    Chain Saws
    due to age its possible its just a gasket issue if that is the case its a cheap fix pm me if you need any info on the saw
  7. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    i got up with ken by going thru some detective work found his brother on facebook couple days later ken sent me a msg on facebook
  8. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    since i have some studs on hand i will look at them and see what tool can be used there is a special tool but its no where to be found as far as i can tell
  9. Lost My Wife Tuesday

    Prayer Chapel
    RDR i know what its like to lose someone special i pray that Christ will ease that pain in your heart you know he never leaves or forsakes he is the best Friend anyone can have if you need someone to talk to i am sure there are others on here that will lend a ear i am...
  10. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    just use a monkey wrench is what i call them some call it cresent wrench
  11. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    I do work on the older stuff for people there is a few parts needed to fix the fuel line system .. and they are available
  12. Homelite wimpy trimmer head saga

    Chippers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers and Vacuums
    does anyone recognize this ?
  13. what brand is this

    is there a way of taking something off it and see if a part number is on it
  14. Homelite 526 riding lawn mower

    the 526 is part of Homelite Textron / Jacobson they are the ones who made the unit more than likely they date back as far as 70s 60s even 80s parts lists are available you may not find any online though but they are available
  15. Homelite RM-5

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    can you provide me a close up picture of the blade?
  16. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    Has anyone seen Ken in NJ miss talking to him
  17. Gas Brushcutter

    Chippers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers and Vacuums
    Homelite made them also
  18. Hermine and SC

    The Weather Station
    Happen to be here in Coastal NC . So getting ready for it here all i know is it will be stalling out once it gets on the ocean and then get pulled to the left by the high pressure on the ocean . So people in northeast bunker down .
  19. Older Homelites ? Got Any ?

    Chain Saws
    Happen to have 2 Zip Saws in the shop one was running one i have no idea if it is running or not got them with a Parts purchase in maryland back in March so i thought i bring this thread from way back in the database back to the top of page again
  20. Homelite CS-50 Carburetor Help

    Chain Saws
    Did you get this taken care of ?
1-20 of 439 Results