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  1. Winter project.

    Ive never seen a 650 Kat before. Wild. Is it in fact a shaft drive?? I know the 650 came in shaft, and chain, and seems odd it would be shaft. I had a 650G for many years, and they are really good do it all bikes!!
  2. corning distribution

    Off Topic
    Hope it brings some money into town for you guys.. We are getting a new Amazon Distribution center not far from us. Its going into a really dead part of the aera that pretty much closed up after the highways were built. Im hoping it brings come money into the aera, and maybe some more business...
  3. How long does your brake booster hold vacuum?

    Car Talk
    Ive never really thought of it, but I do always press the brake pedal before my cars, and most times its a rockhard pedal, that goes down after you start it. Im assuming they will all leak down after a bit. The seals on the line are normally just a rubber grommet of some sort, not a true sealed...
  4. Winter project

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Looking great!! To my eye from the pictures it almost looks like that front axle beam could use some sort of a gusset, or struts to stiffen up that U.
  5. I have big solid gray circles overlaying threads

    Site News and Feedback
    I had that when the site changed, and I know how annoying it is!! Pretty much IE is dead. I changed to chrome and works great. Strange thing was for me is I had switched to chrome for all other pages, but the old MTF acted up with it. The new one works great.
  6. Howdy from the Berkshires

    Welcome to MTF!!!
  7. Dicks Sporting Goods clearing out Federal ammo

    Shooting sports
    Thats some good prices!! None of my stuff really likes those though sadly. My bolt rem will shoot anything... but when it doesnt like something, noone knows where its going to land on the target!! loves The win 333, and 555 pack stuff, so its cheap to feed..
  8. Rossi Model 92 .357 Magnum/.38 Special Carbine lever gun

    Shooting sports
    A 38/357 lever is on the list.. Just so much fun to shoot! I reload 38, so really a lead roundnose, a few gr of bullseye, and your shooting for what 22LR costs..
  9. Clausing Lathe

    Welding, Metalwork, and Fabricating
    I really miss using a lathe. Its been many years! I had a line on one years ago, but it fell through sadly..
  10. Deck Restore

    My Place
    Looking good!! Its always hit and miss doing a building project in winter.. Never know how many useable hours you will get, but your chipping away at it!
  11. 2012 Toyota Tacoma Frame (retry) 2011-2017 trucks

    WOW they are doing that agean?? I thought all those were done, and the recall closed. Everyone I know that has had it done, has needed vary little extra stuff with the swap, and the few little things were well worth it. These are great trucks, and really having a brand new platform under it...
  12. Rainy Day Part Needed For Older Crown Vic.

    Car Talk
    I also vote for trying a new arm. The arm socket is a lot softer then the pivit stud. Try the new arm, and if its still loose, as was said, try a vary thin shim to snug it up. If not I would just try to find a different wiper assy out of a junk car.
  13. 2000 fear

    Computer and Electronics
    Ya crazy huh! Well some things it did effect. I had gotten a nice handheld GPS for the boat a few years before, and after 2000 it became a brick... Software couldn't find the satellites after that, and no way to update.. Got nowhere with the company...
  14. Vintage turntable fans??

    Computer and Electronics
    Seeing your a blues fan, It just hit me reading this today. Ive been fowling a young blues player for a few years. Katie Skene, and shes a great guitar player! Any relationship? You heard of her at all?
  15. Oddball ampmeter setup on a Ford 2N

    The Barn
    My vary early 8N had the same. I have test meters that are like that also. There is a name for it, but Im fogging out on what that is right this time.
  16. Motorcycle season over...

    Jere, I remember years 15-20 years ago, I woke to a great day on new years day. Went out, for a great long ride, and it was amazing. I had a lot of years where I rode every month..
  17. Windows 10 Update

    Computer and Electronics
    Nice thread! My wife did a upgrade the other day on her work computer, and just a heads up.... hers, and some others Ive heard of can take a VARY long time to upgrade!!! Hers took like 6-7 hours! Granted its loaded with a lot of her work software, so that might be something.... But dont...
  18. Looking for an upgrade from an 8n

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Its been ages since I looked into them, but I do relive it had live hydrolic... I remember people talking about adding a remote also, but dont know whats involved.
  19. Looking for an upgrade from an 8n

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    If your looking for older tractors, about the same size... but just a bit more of everything.. Well I would first be looking at a MF 135. IMHO everything the N tractors were, but better.. Just a fantastic do it all tractor. Along the same line, the Oliver 550 is a good one to look for, but...
  20. Project: LoBoy Custom

    Cub Cadet
    Model A rear... Im intrigued.. Got my popcorn ready and waiting for the custom work involved in mating them all together into one unit!!!
1-20 of 274 Results