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  1. Shibaura SD220D-0

    Other Brands of SCUT's
    Very interesting so far...Definately a 'learn as you go project' glenn
  2. Project: LoBoy Custom

    Cub Cadet
    May be 'extinuating circumstances' going into the next milenium......:unsure::unsure: glenn
  3. local chevy dealer back in the day

    Car Talk
    Very very cool--and neat retro stuff. I remember the OK used car signs...... Tks--Forkz--we go near that dealership on our way to the beach every year---mmmmph--maybe I need to just make a side trip next June. glenn
  4. Unique Towing

    Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    No way would I even consider such a thing. Think about the liability of yours--but how about other people? Other than purchasing a cheap trailer--or having a second mower at the other property--I don't know what to offer.đź‘Ž glenn
  5. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    O Yeah--Hot **** -Austen..what a difference. Love that Amsoil--Been using it for years. Custom wheel spacers? Only Austen...(again--living our old lives vacariously--thru you) glenn
  6. Purchased a 1992 Wheel Horse 416H

    Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    Nice machine-Sarge--as I'm a W/H guy from way back. That 400 series is very hard to find here--in any condition. Tha clevis hitch is iceing on the cake...Definately a life time machione. glenn
  7. Project: LoBoy Custom

    Cub Cadet
    Still waiting--two little pic's--just enough to wet someone's appetite. Sitting patiently/falling asleep....ZZZZZZZZZ glenn
  8. Cub Cadet XT series

    Cub Cadet Forum
    /////////////////////////////////////////////////// I used our XT2 about three weeks ago to get the last round of leaves up. She is now sitting covered up, under a carport. Was three years old this past September--no real problems yet==other than than wonky steering situation earlier in it's...
  9. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Very nice and good design on that loader--Austen, I know you are one proud puppy. WE are duley impressed! Ah--to be young again--and have something like that.. Pinch yourself--it's real. Take care and come back see us from time to time- glenn
  10. New Car Ramps

    Car Talk
    Like those ramps a lot-Dave--you scored well! Again--I'm an old car guy and never seen a set like that. Enjoy! glenn
  11. Highest mileage vehicle you've owned?

    Car Talk
    Had a '02 Tacoma extend-cab P/U I sold to a gentleman in NY, near the Catskills),about two years ago. 209,000 miles and running great. (I just wanted a change.)..He sends me an occasional text about his progress/home/truck---he still loves it--and only has had to do minor mant. on it so far...
  12. Merry Chistmas

    John Deere Forum
    Merry Christmas-also. Be safe and remember to celebrate the real reason for the season.. glenn
  13. "Shed Fresh" 816

    Well? Any results yet?? Did you spray some MMO or luber down the spark plug hole and let her sit awhile? Just thinking here-- glenn
  14. The venerable ole Wheel Horse....

    Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    Hi Dave-just ran across this old thread--and wanted to 'shout' out to you.. Man it's been a long time--but I still have several o f the horse's left and still use them.. Take care! glenn
  15. Project: 1962 Willys Pickup

    Nice--Ellis--just picked up on the end of this thread--and re-read . You seem to do a lot of family/community minded stuff--very appreciated, I say.:giggle: glenn
  16. Owners of GMC Sierra / Chevrolet Silverado, 5.3L or 6.0L ?

    Car Talk
    Have a later model 1500 GMC ('14)--with the mine also. If I do need "Bigger"--I'll borrow my son's 2500HD with the Duramax... Can't help you with mileage comparisons--but gotta be more fuel used with heavier truck. Good luck on ur search. glenn
  17. Greetings

    Welcome aboard also! Wew--S/D this time of year--not for the weak knee'd --for sure..Enjoy your time here- glenn
  18. breaker breaker glen27

    Wrongo--Bub=--but a good idea...:unsure: Actually a 'draft tube' to shoot some starting fluid up into the air clener to get them staqrted....The little rubber thingee at the bottom was a trap to keep dirt out--you squeezed it together with your fingers while you sprayed the starting fluid can w/...
  19. breaker breaker glen27

    Thgt truck you pictured is from back in the day--Pendal Body works was in N.J--if I remember right --I think I went by thier place once when I was headed to Mass. on a tow.... glenn
  20. New member from Georgia

    Welcome here also--this is a new format/program to all of us (same old MTF)--so staff is learning as we go. glenn
1-20 of 319 Results