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  1. New Member Joined for help

    John Deere Forum
    If you want something powerful enough to run a brush cutter, you need something like a X595 or x748. Yo say you don't want a "collector's item" or "another project", but the 316 will be both, and it won't have the power to do what you have mentioned. A 318 might get you most of the way, but...
  2. Splitting fire wood..

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Problem with that is that the split piles get really big. :rolleyes::giggle: I've been splitting wood since before Thanksgiving and still have a lot left to do. It's really surprising how much one person can get done with one of these splitters.
  3. 318 JD - Hitch for logsplitter

    John Deere Forum
    That ought to be perfect. Put a ball on the far hole, and you can still use a trailer that only need a pin as well. I've been pulling my splitter around with my 212, it only needs a 1-7/8" ball, which fits on the 212's hitch plate hole. I think I'm gonna order one of those adapters for my 318.
  4. How the heck do I get a wrench on the oil drain bolt on my X585?

    John Deere Forum
    How can a 10mm be too small and a 11mm be too large? Is the hex head bolt to the right of the green tubes your drain plug? Can you come from underneath with a socket on a long extension? My X748 had the drain hole on the right side of the oil pan, with a brass drain fitting screwed into it...
  5. John Deere 750

    John Deere Forum
    I was beginning to think I'd found the Twilight Zone.
  6. MC519 help

    John Deere Forum
    There should be a rubber strap with a heavy "safety pin" looking clip on it, that attaches to the chute and clips into a hole just below where the chute fits the head. As for the lift assist chain on the cart, you can put it anywhere you want. The system comes with a small bracket that bolts to...
  7. Post your bird photos here

    I have a pair of Red Shouldered Hawks taking up residence around my place. I see them sitting on the fence between my garden area and the pasture, and flying across the pasture.
  8. Rebuilt or Original?

    John Deere
    What did this deck come off of?
  9. Funny Signs

    Off Topic
  10. Rebuilt or Original?

    John Deere
    For the difference in appearance, and especially if the rebuilt one did include a new gearbox, then I'd go for the rebuilt one, myself. I had to replace a gearbox on a 54C deck for a X748, luckily it was a warranty issue. I asked how much they were if I'd had to buy it and the dealer said around...
  11. Need help buying a Sub or a compact tractor

    John Deere
    I'd always heard that too, but the 62D2 deck on my 2520 does as good a job as the 54C on my X748 did. And the 2520 doesn't have a RIO, and it's newer than my X7 was, that had one. I certainly don't miss it.
  12. JD 214 Questions

    John Deere Forum
    looks like it ended up in Australia.:tango_face_grin: My 212 and 214, both '86 models:
  13. PTO chipper for Kubota BX 1800

    SCUT Implements and Accessories
    You might look at DR Equipment. I have the DR Pro 475P 3-point PTO chipper they make, have been using it for several years with a X748, which has 18 PTO hp. I found that to be plenty of power for up to 4" limbs, the chipper is advertised to take 4.75" limbs. No minimum power requirement is given...
  14. How big of a 3pt chipper can you run with a diesel GT?

    John Deere Forum
    I think anything bigger than the 3-point model that DR sells would be too much for the X595. I have the 3-point model of the DR, and used it with a X748; as long as I kept the pieces no bigger than 4 inches, it did just fine. If it was oak or hickory, and the piece was longer than 3 feet, it...
  15. 1026R or 2025 HST?

    John Deere
    As long as it's the quick-attach 130R loader, this is the one I'd go for. I assume it's the 60" mower. That's not high time by a long shot, and the larger machine's capacities are better all around. The extra reach of the loader is nice, too. Engines are the same between the 1025 and 2025, so...
  16. Need help with 455 Power Beyond

    John Deere Forum
    Will you be operating the log splitter's cylinder off the hydraulics of the tractor? The 1-series (2305 is part of that family, albeit older) hydro pump operates at substantially higher pressure than the big GT's do. Will the lesser pressure of the 455 be an issue?
  17. Which big X has the easiest life?

    John Deere Forum
    My X748SE wasn't abused, and it was well cared-for, but it stayed busy. In eleven years of ownership I put 1445 hours on it. Mostly mowing, up to 6 acres a week during the peak of mowing season. It pulled a plow, a box blade, tilled gardens, did loader work, chipped wood. I think fondly of our...
  18. I need A Disc Harrow for my X758

    John Deere Forum
    Do you mean the tractor, or the disc harrow? You may want to see the disc you want before buying it, to see how tall it sits and how much it weighs. The lift capacity (as stated on John Deere's configuration page for the X7 3-point hitch) is 450 pounds, at 12 inches behind the lift arm balls...
  19. Tractors at auctions?

    The Shed
    Careful what you bid on, especially if you haven't or can't inspect it personally. The auction companies have responsibilities, but don't always catch things. I ran across this video the other day.
  20. Looking at a 2520

    John Deere
    I sold it to a guy who needed something to take care of a deer hunting cabin and field. Sold a blade and cultivator and a 50" Land Pride rototiller with it. Took the money from the sale and paid 2/3 of my X748SE with it. That was in 2008. Had I known better, I should have bought what I have now...
1-20 of 485 Results