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  1. #40 Chain. Use 1/2 link or add extra link?

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Looks good to me. I didn't comment because I don't know what tension is right. My only experience is 30yrs ago I worked at a place that made conveyors, and they shipped out with chains as tight as a piano wire because within a couple of weeks of use they would slacken off and rub on covers if...
  2. HT-18 to GT-2000 Interchange

    Bolens Forum
    Thanks. Sonny's referred back to MTF and this site's Bolens manuals aren't working. Bolens seem to have changed all their part numbers at some time between HT18 and GT2000. I don't know if parts are physically different or new parts management system. Also, the GT2000 has HiLo shift like the HT23.
  3. Bent rear frame

    Kubota SCUT
    Great!! Just give me a thumb up (like). I’d appreciate it.
  4. HT-18 to GT-2000 Interchange

    Bolens Forum
    This is a GT. I was looking at the center only; the diff is. These axles are shorter and don’t have 3pt lower link connection, but the diff looks the same. .
  5. Mailbox Protector

    Landscape and Yard Discussions
    The snow plow takes my mail box out yearly. Across the road is a steep bank, and then there's a ditch and then road; so my mail is anchored on the bank with a horizontal pole to reach road. I'm thinking of making it swing up. I've also had vandals with the baseball bat. My high school friend...
  6. What happened to MTF Bolens manuals? Site Help
    When I click on HT-23 parts manual, I get a message "something went wrong".
  7. Ribs in the Shop

    Cookin', Grillin' and Recipes forum
    Do whatever works, I'd be fine with a grill in my garage. I could tinker about, while going low and slow. In fact a have a Kamado BBQ in the garage. I have to roll out to use, as wife thinks its a fire hazard. Somehow welding and open flame torches are OK; I don't want to tell her they're worse.
  8. Lets Talk Snowblower Attachments... Custom Ones!

    Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    Typically, Skid steers have 4 pumps in a row. First two are left and right drives (closed loop hydrostats), third is loader (gear) and fourth is pilot (small gear). Depending on size, it may not have pilot pump. Can you take a picture?
  9. Insulating a wooden quonset.

    WorkShops, Garage and Shed Discussions
    I got the kit(s) at Lowes on sale. 600 board feet is about right. I did 720 bf (basement of front split), and ran out and had to buy a smaller kit. I spray only 1" thick, but it heats up no problem. Try, 1" spray foam first, then add more or use batts if not enough. I can't imagine you need 5"...
  10. Eaton 850

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Nice looking machine. I'll take a look at the one near me and see what trans it has. I'm North West of TO.
  11. Insulating a wooden quonset.

    WorkShops, Garage and Shed Discussions
    After using spray foam at the cottage, I would use spray foam. Even one layer, say r10, is better than r32 in batts. The spray foam seals (no air leaks), is water proof, and rodent proof (some what). I sprayed with a kit; once you get going you'll be like a pro in no time (the secret is thin...
  12. HT-18 to GT-2000 Interchange

    Bolens Forum
    Hi Bolens People, I have a HT-18 with a cracked and leaking transaxle. The local scrap yard has a GT-2000. I would be happy if the whole transaxle fit, but it doesn't seem that way. However, it looks to me that the center housing would fit my HT-18. I downloaded the Large frame manual from...
  13. RIP, Neil Peart

    Prayer Chapel
    I was floored when I heard the news too. Rush was the band that got me into music and HiFi. Sadly, I never saw them in concert; and I could as they played at our high school at only $8 a head (also, our school happened to have had a really good concert hall). Neil was a guy I would have expected...
  14. Lets Talk Snowblower Attachments... Custom Ones!

    Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    It’s hard to find a GT blower that can match an Ag tractor with 3ph blower. The impeller is sized for the shaft speed to give needed tip speed. I would get the Ag blower and drive it hydraulically. It’s true some skid-steers don’t have sufficient aux flow; so put a bigger pump on. You could...
  15. New guy from Ontario (I'm actually pretty old)

    Welcome! Looking forward to your build. Where you located?
  16. New Years Day shopping?

    Off Topic
    I got this brand new Lifan 24HP engine for $600.00 CAD ($465 USD). Says it has 6amp charging system. Wonder if that’s enough for electric clutch.
  17. Pro8 stopped moving

    I’ve seen aluminum keys split on push mowers, which I think is a safety feature; but I never seen any other key split. Doesn’t the gear have an internal taper? It seems to me that the taper should be taking the torque. Maybe tapers don’t match.
  18. Barbell Wheel Weight Adapters

    Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    I like your build. My loader tractor had lots of weights added to rear wheels. So much so that I couldn’t go up the hill at the back of my house in high range. I took the wheel weights off and put half the amount of weight on a rack bolted to the back. This provided a counter weight for the...
  19. Hydraulic problem, HELP!!!!

    I was looking at your original post; The problem with this project is that it wasn’t running when you got it. The previous owner had a problem and gave up. You bought his problem. Maybe he modified the...
  20. Hydraulic problem, HELP!!!!

    No. Air is thinner than oil. Also, side load increases with applied torque. A new seal is $15-$20.
1-20 of 479 Results