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  1. Caption This! 1-21-20

    Humor and Jokes
    Hey Virgil, remember to slow down in the "S" curve at mile marker 105............:oops:
  2. Today I had my first cataract removed.

    Health and Fitness
    This is a relatively comforting thread as my ophthalmologist said my cataracts would be ripe for surgery this year. I am a little scared of someone cutting on my baby blues though...šŸ˜„
  3. Caption This! 1-19-20

    Humor and Jokes
    Checkers anyone?:poop:
  4. Digital tv antenna's

    Computer and Electronics
    Oh man yeah I remember those days for sure. The frankentenna I use now is dacades old and has 2 ea. 1/8"x 22" metal rods anchored to a non conductive material block to pull in the vhf signal. It sits on top of and is connected to a uhf yagi style antenna via 300ohm wire and a matching...
  5. Digital tv antenna's

    Computer and Electronics
    We were looking at some old family pictures today and stumbled across a picture of my son and our granddaughter and a binder clip antenna I threw together around the pic years ago just to see if it would work; it The antenna was comprised of 6 larger binder clips, 2 large...
  6. my friend

    Prayer Chapel
    My deepest condolences to you and the family; my prayers are with you.
  7. Caption This! 1-17-20

    Humor and Jokes
  8. Caption This! 1-16-20

    Humor and Jokes
    Barney Fife's grandson becomes a State Trooper...
  9. Please i need help

    Mitsubishi/Satoh SCUT
    According to Tractor data the 370 is 2wd and the 370D is 4wd: Satoh Beaver S370 tractor information
  10. XT3GSX Issues Post Here

    Cub Cadet Forum
    šŸ¤£ I hear that.......I think it's a built in prerequisite book thingy which only women have that makes them act the way they do!
  11. Is Harbor Freight stepping up it's game?

    Tool Time
    I don't buy a lot from HF but 2 of the best back saving purchases I ever made there was for a couple of these dollies 3 Wheel Steel Dolly and this breaker bar 1/2 in. Drive 25 in. Professional Breaker Bar . I use the dollies under my mower deck to slide it out from under the tractor for blade...
  12. Caption This! 1-15-20

    Humor and Jokes
    That's just too "hard of an act" to follow(y)
  13. Show your mailbox

    Landscape and Yard Discussions
    That's one of the reasons mine is at the P.O. also. I live next to a major 2 lane highway and it's bad enough to pick up remnants of long neck bottles out of the yard that broke on our cement drive when they try to hit our small driveway markers; why would I give those inbreeds a bigger target?????
  14. XT3GSX Issues Post Here

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Woohoo, so far no issues on my XT3 GS deck lift or steering; oh wait, they're both manual.... sorry folks, just had to do it.......šŸ¤£ I really do hope you find the issue without not much trouble or bucks though.(y)
  15. Digital tv antenna's

    Computer and Electronics
    If you haven't already done this check tv fool TV Fool to see what your potential channels and their locations will be. Good luck.
  16. Caption This! 1-13-20

    Humor and Jokes
    Ok it's fixed and you're gonna pay me with something more than Gerber mashed peas......
  17. Digital tv antenna's

    Computer and Electronics
    Check out AVS forum and type in combining 2 antennas in the search bar on their website. There is a lot of useful info on the avs sight that helped me when I hurriedly threw together a uhf/vhf frankentenna the day we cut the cable. We are in a remote rural location but can get 16 channels...
  18. Mailbox Protector

    Landscape and Yard Discussions
    I don't have a dog in this hunt but did retire 3 yrs. ago from The Solar Group, Inc. the worlds largest mailbox manufacturer division of Gibraltar Ind. and unfortunately we never were able to build a post or mailbox combo that could withstand a snow plow, at least while I was there. There are...
  19. Cub Cadet XT series

    Cub Cadet Forum
    I just purchased 2 Schumacher SC1279 charger/maintainers for my 2 Cubs that have new batteries in them. I'm hoping they will help prolong battery life when laid up; it seams every mower battery with a few years on it dies over the winter even if removed, stored and a charger is periodically...
  20. Prayers for a friend of mine and his daughters. He lost his wife today to cancer.

    Prayer Chapel
    My prayers are with your friend and his daughters for sure. We just buried my 1st cousin this week she, was 61 and was diagnosed with cancer back in March 2019. My mom fought it for 13 yrs. before she passed.
1-20 of 457 Results