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  1. my friend

    Prayer Chapel
    We'll be keeping you in our hearts and thoughts on this hard, sad, difficult day you're facing! Sorry for your loss, Forkz.
  2. John Deere 170 breaks not working.

    John Deere Forum
    Hi Josh and welcome... Just going to pop your thread here over into the John Deere forum so the rest of the John Deere guys can see it and it doesn't get lost in the Getting Started forum. I'm trying to think back to whether the brake rotor spun for me on my spare Peerless 801 when I pulled...
  3. 1987 Deere 165 clicking when I turn the key

    John Deere Forum
    Okay, just throwing this out there as a thought.... One of the things that is very commonly installed on the 160-185 line of tractors is the "starter assist relay" kit.... (see here: Starter Assist Relay Assembly and Install) This kit is supposed to prevent the clicking when you try to start...
  4. where is search??? Site Help
    You’ll now find the advanced search tool under the ellipses (the three vertical dots) in the upper-right hand corner of the browser window... apparently that was a change made about a week ago.
  5. What is this?

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Oh! So that's what a ballast resistor looks like! I've heard of people adding them when they can't get the proper coil or they're using one from a different machine/era, but I've never seen one!
  6. 2000 fear

    Computer and Electronics
    Yeah, I remember it well! Our entire institutional IT team worked our butts off testing, and prepping contingency plans. I spent the day before Y2K draping all my computers in the lab I managed with poly in case of building system failure resulted in frozen, bursting pipes (a very real concern...
  7. Noise when releasing clutch on JD 160

    John Deere Forum
    Just going by what the tech manual says for the process.... Like I said, I haven't done it on mine. Wouldn't you have to pull the whole traction belt to get that pulley off? Always thought the PTO clutch was in the way of the traction belt...
  8. Noise when releasing clutch on JD 160

    John Deere Forum
    My guess would be its the traction drive clutch (ie, the assembly that moves when you push in/let out the clutch. There's two pulleys on it, here's a quick picture of it.... I'm guessing one or the other of the idler pulleys has seized on you. Fixing it requires removing the electric...
  9. KATT Got a X300R for Christmas

    John Deere Forum
    Whoa, whoa whoa! Man, didn't you just GET a new machine not too long ago? Pretty soon you're going to have more than MrBeef! :p:ROFLMAO: Is that a rear discharge mower on that bad boy? You're gonna have to post a movie of that one working! Edit... I bet that's what the R stands for! Here...
  10. What did you do to or on your John Deere today?...2.0

    John Deere Forum
    Got 3" of snow on Christmas Eve, I could get real used to getting up, having a coffee, opening christmas presents then going out and tractoring for 2 hours with Wally (110 RF) to clear snow.... Now in to laze about and wait for Christmas dinner!
  11. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Hi JP, profile posts are public. They are the save as visitor messages in the old forum.
  12. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Oh, and you might have noticed, I figured out how to get my custom title back under my avatar... That's another one that looks like only mods and admins can do now, putting in a custom title. So, if you want a custom title under your avatar, send me a conversation, and I'll send you back...
  13. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Hey JP, I've posted a note to the support team to ask them if this is something that can be brought back. It does seem like only mods and up can do that now, but we'll see what the techs say.
  14. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Hm... Interesting..... So when I do that with my Admin account I see this: But when I do that with my test account, I see this.... So, as a regular user, I can't seem to write posts on your profile.... I'm going to fire that one through to the support team, it seems like this is...
  15. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Okay so, are you still getting every notification from the John Deere forum? Can you post a screen shot of what forums you are following for me? Sorry, but I'm going to just say, flat out, no, the software is not broken, because it's working for me and for other users. So, we just need to...
  16. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    In the old forum, the edit time window was 5 minutes. I understand that in this new version, its 24 hours.... Shhh, don't tell anyone, in case management decides to change it! :)
  17. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Actually, I think (and this is a total guess, since I can't go back to the old forum to double check this), in the old forum there was a separate option you could check to receive news and information emails from administrators. I know in the Admin Control Panel in the old forum, there was a...
  18. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    I'm pretty sure we'd asked already about how to get the digest format back, but I've asked the support folks again in the back room and will keep you posted what they get back to me with...
  19. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Okay, based on your previous message, I'm figuring that you're following the John Deere forum (as am I). If you go into the Following section in your Avatar, and check your Followed Forums, you should be able to disable email notifications for that forum:
  20. New format

    Site News and Feedback
    Its not actually inserting it twice, that one took me a while to get used to... That "second" copy that shows up there is roughly equivalent to the old attachment list we had on the old forum, its hooking the attached screenshot into the editor at the end of your post... As well, its showing it...
1-20 of 320 Results