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  1. My latest Project - Part Two

    Home Made Tractors, Implements and Accessories
    Wouldn't that be have the gravesite service, just happens to be next to a cordoned off pit, then as it's winding up, the priest goes something like "And Dave really wanted to take it with him when he went." and then everyone hears the beep-beep-beep of a dump truck backing up to...
  2. 425AWS Struggles to start mid PTO on 54" deck

    John Deere Forum
    Thanks for following up with what the solution to your problem was.
  3. Ford 335 alternator intermittent charging

    Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Yeah, I had a car that would slowly die when driving at night because the alternator belt wasn't quite tight enough. Visually it looked fine, and the belt didn't make any slipping noises, but it just didn't spin enough to provide enough power for everything including the headlights. During the...
  4. What Did You Do To or With Your Gravely Today?

    So, you switch tractors depending of you just push the snow straight ahead, or plow it to the left or right?
  5. The ultimate heated cab

    Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    ...and then you need a LOT of amps at 12V to support those inverters. 30A (2 1800W hair driers) at 120V needs at least 300A at 12V (plus some extra for inefficiency within the inverter)... You'd want to also add a high-power alternator to your tractor or else you'll drain the battery pretty...
  6. Snow Tonight/Tomorrow

    The Weather Station
    Yeah, I think I have some mild frostbite on the back of my hands, as I had to do some work without gloves on for a bit. And one of the homes I do snow removal for, has a entry gate with a keypad that keeps freezing up. But things are looking up. On Monday, we could be getting freezing rain...
  7. Snow Tonight/Tomorrow

    The Weather Station
    Got another 2-3" of snow last night, and after fixing a flat on my trailer (stripped off the tire valve with a wheel lock that I forgot I put on and moved it into my garage) I did my rounds for snow removal. Just a couple of degrees makes a difference for my plow. -32C, and it doesn't quite...
  8. Caption This! 1-16-20

    Humor and Jokes
    "No sir, I definitely saw you switching lanes without using your turn signal. And don't give me any trouble, as I've already called for backup."
  9. I Needed More Focus In My Life

    Car Talk
    Well, with a lift you have to drop the fuel tank, and it sucks to disconnect everything on top of the tank with very little clearance between the tank and the bed... I'd suggest either siphoning or running the tank mostly empty before doing it.
  10. I Needed More Focus In My Life

    Car Talk
    Yup, brake lines are a problem. If the fuel pump hasn't been replaced, you might want to do that as well if you lift the bed to do the rear brake line (it tends to rust along the frame rail above the fuel tank). It's likely overdue for replacement, and it's easy to replace with the bed...
  11. 1968 WheelHorse Commando 8 Garden Tractor worth $950?

    Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    Just a note, this is a 8 year old thread, the unit in question will likely either have been sold or not long ago...
  12. IPLs

    Small Engines and Repair
    Yes, at the top o your post, next to the post number and the date/time of the post, there are 3 vertical dots. Click on the vertical dots to bring up a menu of options, which should/will include "Edit" if you are allowed to edit the post.
  13. Winter Might be on its Way here in the PNW

    The Weather Station
    Heh "really cold"... It warmed up to -30C here. We were supposed to go down to -42C, but only got to -38C overnight.
  14. Unique Towing

    Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    I've hauled my ZT around with part of it on the tailgate (couldn't go further forward between the wheel wells). You might also consider making a raised platform for the ZT in your bed (doesn't have to be full-width of the bed, just strips for the wheels to go on. Depending on your ZT, it might...
  15. Small ( Cigarette Pack - Sized ) Digital Tachometer Questions For Chainsaw Techs

    Chain Saws
    the laser tachs aren't really easier to use, just work differently, imho, as you need to have a shiny spot on something rotating to do the reading (either a shiny sticker you put on it, or polish it up a bit), and then point and hold the reader at that spot to do the reading. If you are...
  16. John deere 314 won't start.

    John Deere Forum
    Is there something that normally plugs that hole when the engine is fully assembled? If not, you should plug that hole, as the purpose of that shroud is to direct air from the fan so it goes over the fins on the head. That hole looks like it will significantly reduce that airflow, causing the...
  17. New Car Ramps

    Car Talk
    Being able to turn the wheels left and right can also make it easier to grease the balls joints on the spindles (if you happen to have them). My truck has them, and it's a hassle to drive up the ramps, then also jack up the front wheels & put it on jackstands so the wheels can be turned left &...
  18. Caption This! 1-8-20

    Humor and Jokes
    What the heck? This cold white stuff is everywhere!
  19. Help with JD Electric Lift Kit actuator for 44 inch snowblower

    John Deere Forum
    ...and suddenly, the switch wasn't needed anymore...
  20. Power Flow Bagger for X540

    John Deere Forum
    Yes, but I would suggest making a new thread, with specifics about your unit, where you are, pics and how much you want for it.
1-20 of 479 Results