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  1. The Bolens 1886 Club

    Bolens Forum
    Congrats on 1886 ownership, Kevin, nice machine and thanks for the photos! Great picture! It looks like original paint too-? Keep up the pictures, guys! (y)
  2. I Needed More Focus In My Life

    Car Talk
    Congrats, looks good in the photos!
  3. New Car Ramps

    Car Talk
    Nice ramps Dave, they look like they're in nice shape too. Any idea on year of vintage? I don't think I've seen the removable ramp portion, that is a really slick feature. It is a pain crawling around underneath a car or on a creeper and having those ramps get in the way which they do quite a...
  4. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Thanks, Dave! Thanks, Tim. These tires are filled with Bio Ballast and are actually 50lbs heavier per tire than the original setup including the 70lb weights, they do pretty well and no comparison to the turfs. I did have my Gannon Earthcavator on shortly before...
  5. I Needed More Focus In My Life

    Car Talk
    Keep up the great work, Mikey! It sounds like you had to work to get those center caps. A new truck you say, details please! Time for another thread! :)
  6. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    I'm more like obsessed! Alright, I just couldn't help myself, you guys said snow pics... alright, I will oblige. Man, I'm taken into a whole 'nother element when I get out into the night and move some snow on a GT. I'm over the moon! The loader is working flawlessly!!! Was going to clean up...
  7. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Thanks, Dave! It's my favorite style of Bolens seat. The pictures above from my 1886 will give you a close idea of how the wheels look.
  8. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    It looks a lot different! Pictures soon. Hey Mike, The seat and wheel set are actually from my former Bolens. The seat is actually from an earlier time period of generation for Bolens but it is a direct bolt on to the HDT. I did have to have custom wheel adapter/spacers made from Motorsport...
  9. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Thank you, thank you, guys!! Yes, I do have to pinch myself. Thanks, guys!! I'm still in disbelief that it's finally here. I am careful with all my machines but this one I feel requires extra attentive care as if it were a person in some ways. Well here's a series of updates. The biggest...
  10. Winter project.

    Sounds like a good winter project. Hopefully we'll get to see it here! :)
  11. Canadians Sign in!!

    Welcome aboard! It's nice have you! Thank you for joining the community here.
  12. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Thanks Eric, although you forgot to sign the hood after your adventure with it! ;) Thanks man!
  13. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
    Thank you, I think it's a pretty unique design too! Thanks, Mike! You have a good point, thanks Mark! . Thanks again for following along, Scott. It's been a long journey! Thanks, Al. Thank you for following along. Ha ha, thank you for the reply, Mike!! Star...
  14. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
  15. Purchased Bolens HDT1000 #11!

    Bolens Forum
  16. Started working on the 1950 Economy

    Power King & Economy Tractors
    That's good to know regarding the WH shift boot replacement! (y)
  17. Merry Chistmas

    John Deere Forum
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  18. Trailer, Winter Project

    Nice fenders!
  19. Owners of GMC Sierra / Chevrolet Silverado, 5.3L or 6.0L ?

    Car Talk
    I think they're both pretty solid power plants. The 6.0l in particular had an issue with the exhaust manifold bolts breaking off and it's a costly repair. It will effect your MPG and performance some when that happens. The instrument clusters in this generation also had some issues with the...
  20. washed both suv's on driveway

    Car Talk
    Nothing like seeing your vehicles glisten in the sun after a wash. Always a good feeling isn't it. :) Now, how about some pictures?
1-20 of 313 Results