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  1. my friend

    Prayer Chapel
    Sorry Buddy... condolences. May she rest well.
  2. Vintage turntable fans??

    Computer and Electronics
  3. Vintage turntable fans??

    Computer and Electronics
    How'd they work out?
  4. Please i need help

    Mitsubishi/Satoh SCUT
    I believe it's a 370D... Gas or diesel? Better pictures would also help, and is there a data plate? Looks very nice. 🍻
  5. Ribs in the Shop

    Cookin', Grillin' and Recipes forum
    I suppose all you worriers have your gas stoves/ovens outside too... jeez. What Larry is doing is perfectly safe. Except for real ribs needing smoke... ;) but in a pinch I'll do 'em in the gas oven too, and they come out real nice. 🍻
  6. Wisconsin V465D Rocker/Tappet adjustment.

    Construction Equipment
    Here is the engine manual. You will have to register to view the entire manual.
  7. Time to say goodbye to Sable

    Animals and Pet Forum
    Good Dog Sable, good Dog. Rest in Peace.
  8. 2012 Toyota Tacoma Frame (retry) 2011-2017 trucks

    Dunno what happened with the thread move... sorry about that. I can't find it, but if you made a note of the link it's at I can merge it back in here. Regards, KR
  9. Toyota frame

    Do it. The worst that can happen is you'll be out of pocket ~$2000, for what could well end up to be a completely rebuilt truck chassis/new frame. Might come out better. No harm in seeing. Shame this happened to a great truck... from what I heard there was several shipments of steel that were...
  10. Landed here searching cylinder head

    It's a Morris 950cc gas engine, converted to diesel.
  11. Vintage turntable fans??

    Computer and Electronics
  12. Tools for servicing a JD Model 50

    BIG John Deeres
    Also worthy of mention is that no matter what size drive ratchet, they're not meant for breaking frozen bolts loose. For that you want a breaker bar, preferably 3/4". Like this:
  13. R.I.P, Junior Johnson

    Prayer Chapel
    Friend... we're all on the list. It's just a matter of time.
  14. Tools for servicing a JD Model 50

    BIG John Deeres
    I have merged the two threads to avoid confusion and keep all the answers in the same place. Also relocated to the Big JD forum. Agreed the other tool you might consider is a good impact wrench, electric or air... takes the lot of the grunt out of breaking old nuts and bolts free.
  15. Tools for servicing a JD Model 50

    BIG John Deeres
    Agreed to buy a moderately priced good quality standard set of tools, and supplement as necessary as time reveals new needs. And a big hammer.
  16. Fuel Pickup Identification JD 318

    John Deere Forum
    Also... at this stage in the game all of the fuel lines could be deteriorated if still original, and well past their due date for replacement. Highly suggest a thorough overhaul. #3 is the reserve.
  17. VerticalScope needs to add translation software to site

    Site News and Feedback
    Google Translate really is very good, and it is constantly improving. From where I sit I see this as the best and easiest option, at least for the foreseeable future.

    Walk Behind Mowers
    Merry Christmas Bill, and thanks for another good year of MTF fun and games. All the Best to you and yours for a happy, safe Holiday season. 🥂
  19. Merry Chistmas

    John Deere Forum
    The light in a little girl's eyes when her Dream comes true. The light in Mrs.' eyes when she sees that, and loves her new garden clippers. The light of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and the satisfaction of a Job well done... I was up at 0330 this morning, final wrapping and the...
  20. how to remove a ball joint without a ball joint tool....

    The Barn
    Given the flex you may encounter on that long rod... you might be able to rig some tension on that, with a pair of C clamps or a hub puller. Then some heat and a solid smack with your favorite hammer. Have a nut threaded on if you want to save the threads if you hit there, whacks on the side of...
1-20 of 266 Results