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  1. Any feed back one vs the other - tires?

    Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I've had experience with super lugs (original to my cub) then 23 degree, then tru power on the cub and trac chiefs and tru powers on a john deere 4wd. On snow, sand, dirt, and grass, the 23 degree was far superior. No contest. Not even close. With the cub, any place I went where the diff lock...
  2. Coil Test

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Glad you found it. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you sooner, but my 3225 would sometimes start and run and then die or sometimes not start at all. It was the ignition module on cylinder 1, IIRC.
  3. 1025R 3 point hitch questions!

    John Deere SCUT
    If you put 500 lbs of lead on the back, plus a blade of some sort, there is a good chance that you'll find the steering of the tractor will be less than optimal. Typically when adding that much weight to the rear, ballast is added to the front. As others have mentioned, the weight of the blade...
  4. Coil Test

    Cub Cadet Forum
    You ask about how to test the coil. How are you sure it is the coil? These Kohler engines have other issues with starting/running other than the coil. More information on what you have done will better help us help you. In the past I have had 2 3k machines at the same time and have seen...
  5. Picked up this 3206 and I am impressed with it.

    Cub Cadet Forum
    It's good to see someone who has been stuck on old machines get a 3k series and realize what **** good machines they are. MTD did change things once they took over, no argument there at all... but until they build something again like the 3ks, they will be the last of the "GT's". I'm going to...
  6. 1025 quick hitch hassle

    John Deere SCUT
    Did your 425/455 have the AutoConnect? Or a drive over deck? Did you have the 45 loader for it? Could you have the loader, mower deck, and a 3 point attachment on at the same time (assuming you had the rear 3 point and PTO)? My point to both of you guys is that you have some give and take...
  7. HVLP Heaven

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Wow, wow, wow!!! That simply looks awesome! I can't wait to see the rest of it! Btw, you mention an electric fuel pump... is this some kind of conversion from the mechanical pump or for something else?
  8. Ordered a 2" Receiver Hitch Plate
    Just checked the tracking and looks like it will be here Friday which will be perfect. Thank you very much for sending it out so promptly. I can't wait to try it out and will post some pictures testing it out. Thanks again!
  9. Another "What do I need" question

    CUT Hut: General discussions of Compact Tractors
    Aside from fixing your hydraulics, which doesn't fix your possible loader needs, and while it sounds like a newer machine isn't in budget, have you considered hiring out the times when you do have loader needs? I've seen ads for this service and have used it myself prior to buying a loader for...
  10. Ordered a 2" Receiver Hitch Plate
    For the 10 Series John Deere. Based on my experience with your Cat 0 Heavy Hitch I can't wait to try it out. I ordered it to use with my 920# lawn roller that I converted to use a 1 7/8" ball. I had planned on buying one of these for a while and have just put it off. Now I have a project where I...
  11. 1025r log splitter options

    John Deere SCUT
    Regardless of what you are using, that is just down-right IMPRESSIVE! I just sold my Troy-Bilt stand alone log splitter to a friend that heats his house with an outdoor wood burner since I do not need it any longer. I had figured that in the future if I needed a splitter, I would buy a 3pt...
  12. 2014 1025r filb

    John Deere SCUT
    There is a release that allows the seat to rotate 180 degrees while raising up at the same time for using the backhoe. Pretty cool actually. I haven't had the loader or hoe off yet but it is supposedly really easy.
  13. 2014 1025r filb

    John Deere SCUT
    Well, after looking at SCUT and CUT tractors from every brand I could (both domestic and import) over the last 3 years, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2014 1025R FILB. John Deere had some nice incentives back in May/June and when the dealer quoted me the price on this machine, I knew...
  14. Took a drive to Michigan – And a Kwik Way followed me home

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Good to see everything traveled as I had hoped it would. It was also nice to meet you in person. If you ever have any questions, you know where to find me.
  15. Check out the for sale ads

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Pictures are posted now. Thanks.
  16. Check out the for sale ads

    Cub Cadet Forum
    I've just listed a brand new 54" mower deck for sale. Check out the link for details. I'm posting on the forum first before going to Craigslist. I'd like someone on the forum to end up with it as it took me years to find one.
  17. 3000 Series Command Re-Seal

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Wow, simply impressive.
  18. Cub Cadet 3225 Intake Boot

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Are you referring to the corrugated plastic between the fire wall and the engine? I have 870+ on my 3225 and it is in like new condition. It sounds like you need to replace it and make sure it is seated on the outside of the flanges. Pictures of the problem help.
  19. Check out the for sale ads

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Thanks, hopefully someone one the forum will take it home instead of resorting to Craiglist. And to make it even easier to pick up, I'll include a 4x8 light duty trailer. This weekend I'll get pictures of the loader and trailer ready to go and assuming no takers, it will go on CL Sunday night.
  20. Check out the for sale ads

    Cub Cadet Forum
    As I'm selling my Kwik Way loader. The ad is listed here Many of you may not look in the ads, so I wanted to give you guys first chance. Thanks, Dave
1-20 of 259 Results