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  1. Eaton hydraulic motor displacement

    Hi Guys, One of your moderators suggested I try posting my question here where hydraulic gurus troll. I am trying to find the displacement of the 101-2716-009 Char-Lynn motor on a Cub Cadet tiller? I have the H Series tech manual from Eaton, but need to know which model number in the current...
  2. Cub Cadet hydraulic tiller

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Pfreiburger, I actually have that manual downloaded from Eaton's website. My question is which part number in the manual is the close brother of the hydraulic motor we have on the tillers? Or since you have a pump unit for your 3000 series, can you please check the model number for me? I am...
  3. Cub Cadet hydraulic tiller

    Cub Cadet Forum
    No, there is no on-board pump. The system from Cub Cadet came with a pump that mounted under the tractor on the deck arms and connected to the pto. I'm mounting an engine with a hydraulic pump on the tiller when I figure out what the proper size for the pump is. Bill
  4. Cub Cadet hydraulic tiller

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Here is some pics of the tiller and Char-Lynn motor, it seems the model number has been superseded. If someone has access to current part numbers - displacement and flow would help me out. Motor number is 101-2716-009. Bill
  5. Cub Cadet hydraulic tiller

    Cub Cadet Forum
    Hydronerd, thanks for input, it definately gives me someplace to start. I used to have a 446 with an Onan engine, nice tractor but junk decks. Bill
  6. Cub Cadet hydraulic tiller

    Cub Cadet Forum
    I acquired a 30" Cub hydraulic tiller in perfect NOS condition. It has never even been in the dirt. My question is does anyone know the size (volume or flow rating) of the pump that is supposed to run this? I plan on running a completely separate hydraulic system for this, using a HF 6.5HP...
  7. New member from Wisconsin

    Here are my Cubs. My 3205 has a 20HP Kawasaki liquid cooled V-twin. I used to build and drag race Kawasaki motorcycles - best E.T. 9.81 seconds @ 144MPH and actually had 27 bikes at one time. Bill
  8. New member from Wisconsin

    Hi All, It is a pleasure to be part of your forum. I look forward to gaining incite and knowledge from your collective experience. I have an IH 444 utility tractor with a front-end loader, and two Cub Cadet garden tractors. Thanks Bill
1-8 of 8 Results