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  • LawnBoy2ndToNone ·
    Hey Yard Nazi!

    I'm just shooting you a message as a test. My dad just joined the forum to ask some questions and he said that he wasn't able too. He was wanting to ask you a specific question. If this gets to you, let me know. I'll find out what his screen name is and we'll go from there. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

    Andy (LawnBoy2ndToNone)
    Gibson-DS21 ·
    I know that's is a bit of a long shot but I'm wondering if you still have your 10401 and if you are still looking to sell it. I'm new to the forum and really getting into lawn boy's. Presently I have a 8481, a 10415 and a 10550. I'm looking to ad a 19"to add to my stable.
    Garthman ·
    Hi, Yard Nazi...I am new to the site...saw that you had an unwanted owners manual for a Lawn-Boy you by chance still have it available?
    If not, thanks for the offer, and sorry I'm late.

    FordTech ·
    Hi Bill, I got the can today. Great pack job! I love the LB box too, Ill use that to keep some of my lawnboy small parts. Thanks, looks great and will be a nice addition to the collection.

    hotajax ·
    Yard Nazi: Saw your avatar with the White Lawn Boy. We had one of those things, it ran forever. The old LB's are great, arent the
    Motown Mower ·
    I was reading through old postings, and found one where you described your adventures in collecting triangle wheels. The post is a few years old, but still thought I'd take a chance on asking if you have any left. I have a 1973 IH lawnboy I'd like to restore real nice (like Bald Guy), and so a set of correct wheels is needed.
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