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  • tomcat2245 ·
    Hello Rider. I last wrote to you about a year ago. I started a restore on my 1972 MTD 900 which I bought from JC Penny's. I was able to rebuild the engine and got it running, but hit a brick wall when it tried to find a hydro charge pump (Eaton 11). You gave me the address of a person who was listing these parts but I was not interested in driving 500 miles to check it out nor did I want to buy it sight unseen. After much consideration I decided to give up on this project. I already have 3 other working garden tractors. I am looking to sell the tractor; it is the one that has Fifteen Hundred painted on the hood. It has a 42" mower deck and a 54" snow plow blade. I posted a lot of pictures of it on this forum while I was doing my restore. The other issue with my unit besides the hydro is the typical crack on the frame near the right rear end. What is a reasonable price for my partially restored unit? Thanks for helping me out
    crankydal ·
    Hi VTXRider

    my zip code 57022 Dell Rapids SD.Those appear to be exactly what I need from looking at the photos.

    Thank You
    990 NEW_B ·
    Good morning VTXRider, I'm new to the site and an MTD 990 which I just purchased for 250.00 with 50" deck and 42"blower. After some adjustments to the carb I got the machine running good and decided to give it a power wash (bad idea I'm thinking), now it won't start and has no spark. I pulled the points cover and there was a good amount of condensation inside, does this mean I need new points and condenser or will they dry out?
    By the way it appears that we are both West Michigan guys, I'm just a little farther north up M37.
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