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  • edinottawa ·
    Hi Bob;
    let me know if you saw my earlier response to your question on the MF1650's transmissions. You had asked about them, there is one of each type (Eat. & Sunds.)

    I don't know if the server advises you if there is an update so I am sending this response by private.

    keep well.

    PS I have someone in SSM that can pick up any MF14/16/1650/1655 bargains you hear of (lol about the bargains....)

    cheers, ed in Ottawa
    ddd ·
    Hi tudor.dave is your hart doing these days?hope you are able to do some yard work around your place.i am doing well so far.i get tired easy but have been putting in 70 plus hours at work on the farm.take and let me know how you are.
    tnranger ·
    You probably didn't see my question in the K46 transmission thread.

    Do you think changing the oil to 5W-15 synthetic in a new K46 would prolong it's life?
    mavrik1 ·
    Tudor....good morning, may I pick you brain. I did a pressure test on my front end loader....I'm running low on the PSI and would like to bring it into spec. What I thought or where I thought the pressure relief was I seem to be wrong, could you give me some insight....thanks sir

    Mavrik (Justin)
    Alleyyooper ·
    So the Massey Harris and Ferguson sections are combined. Was wondering how come the IH and Case sections are not combined?

    :D Al
    ddd ·
    Hi my name is Dave Heffell.i live on pei.i read you just had stints put in.i just went through the same thing the 8th of feb.two stints put in.hope you get along well.
    fred of fern hill farm ·
    hi tudor,
    fyi , and you might want to ask other members if they have had any problems with vertical scope billing. last year i was billed twice and had to contact them and received a refund for one of the billings. this year they billed me in april , and paypal statement says they tried to bill me again this month, fortunately the card expired and payment was denied. i just received notice from paypal that vertical has therefore cancelled my subscription. i will be calling them tomorrow. i'm not happy with this double billing and the time to backtrack and write down all the transaction numbers they request. is there another payment method? thank you, david
    g d wagner ·
    since I've had a couple of strokes left kind-of useless, how a person go about putting power steering on a garden tractor. A friend drilled a hole and welded a shaft piece so clutch and are on right side now, just having problem steering. any idea's that cold help?
    thank you, glenn wagner([email protected]
    04zrx ·
    Hello Tudor, I understand you are the hydraulic master. I recently bought a wood splitter and wanted to make some improvements to it's operation but I don't know anything about hydraulics. I was wondering if you might be able to point me to a source I can use to figure out what I can do to make my splitter the way I want it.

    thanks Eric in Maine.
    bigdodge ·
    Tudor, hello I was wondering if I can get your thought on designing a hydro drive for my mini deuce and a half? I have the thread on a different website. I was first shooting for a top speed of 20 mph. I have sence changed my thought and am going for 10-15 at most. This is only gonna be used for car/tractor shows and hauling stuff around the house. No hiway speed.

    If you would let me no what you thank. Pros, cons.

    Thanks, Dustin
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