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  • fordmustang1984 ·
    Hello again, its been a while since I've been on here but I knew you would be the man to ask. I've got a 76 F-350 thats got some carb issues and as a result the timing is off. I was wondering if you could rebuild the carb and get the truck tuned in better? I have a carb kit that came with the truck (PO put the new needle in but thats it) and can drop the carb off while I do some other work on the truck. I'll trade you some nice 16 inch tires and possibly some work on your truck if you need it. You can email me at [email protected] as the email on my account here is essentially defunct.
    GB in MN ·
    Hi Tractor-Holic, never mind me I'm trying to clear up my messages, it keeps saying I have one unread message and the only thing I can think of you sent me this good information over a year ago and I never answered because it was good to know, anyway this is what I'm trying.
    Thanks GB
    ohdeer ·
    Hope your doing O K
    Would you look at add on CL for me? I may be just excited about all the parts more than the "big picture". 8hp(2), 4 extra rear tires, 2 extra front tires and good hood. Not proper plow. Just looked at extras and saw wants on tractor and in pile. Things to sell to reduce tractors real price.

    Owner did state steering gear box was sloppy but functions fine same as first he owned it 6 yrs ago.

    LaSalle county IL
    Early 70's JD 110 $400
    Danvers IL

    Thanks, think I will drive there today? ( ag tires are $220 pair around here)
    Hi Robert,

    I am going to pull the wheels off again and get a couple measurements. I am pretty sure that they are 3/4". I need to make a measurement of the hub length. I've already heard that there could be issues there and although I could make them work, I would rather have something that is a direct fit.
    As for the rim width, I am shooting to run a 20x10x8 wheel on it. So I am shooting between 8-10" wide wheel.
    Thanks for shooting me a message. I am going to try looking at a couple more local yards, but will be in touch sooner than later. -Adam
    tiltin ·
    So, have you seen my thread in the MTD forum titled "transmission mystery" Your thread on this came up today. Do you still have that tractor? Bob
    SteelMasterBuildings ·
    Hey Tractor-Holic -
    Thanks for the post on your SteelMaster Building. We were excited to see a post from a customer that purchased over 18 years ago! Your building has really stood the test of time through the hurricanes and snowstorms that took down other types of structures in your area.

    As for the rusting of the bolts, unfortunately we did not have our 1500 hour salt spray tested bolts or our Galvalume Plus steel coating back in 1992 when you purchased your structure. We have made significant product improvements to correct those issues since then. We do have a couple of options that you can consider to correct the problem such as purchasing new bolts or simply painting them. Let me know if you want more details on that.

    Again, we enjoyed your post. We would LOVE to see photos of your SteelMaster to include along with your product review on our website. You can email me at [email protected]

    Have a great day!
    77Sears16/6 ·
    Hey Tractor-Holic,
    I may have something you might be interested in. I have a Onan 18hp that came off a welder. I believe it is a P218 and the guy I got it from said his employer scrapped the welder because of issues with the welder and not the engine. I have not tried to start it yet but I know it isn't seized up. It does have the short tapered shaft that I believe you're needing. The reason I got it was to try and use it on my tractor but I believe the size difference between it and my 16hp Onan and the tapered shaft will be too problematic. If you are interested send me an email to [email protected] and I might be interested in the long shaft engine that you have.

    Blake Jones
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