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  • r___r ·
    Just wanted to say thanks for your post in an old thread:

    'Re: it died all the sudden L.T. 2000'.
    Your post:The fuel lines{hoses from the bottom of the tank to the carburetor} can also decay from the inside-out, and look fine from the outside.

    This was the exact issue that was causing my Craftsman LT2000 to stall.

    3rdMarDiv ·
    Thanks for stopping in at my Gasket Sealer obviously know your engines. I would like to add you to my contacts list and send you a notice whenever I post. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks again, 3rdMarDiv
    3rdMarDiv ·
    Hey tomw0 and thanks for stopping in at To Hone or Not to Hone the other day. I watch for tractors for sale in my area and pick up one now and again to putz with and fix up. I'll strip the deck down, remove any rust, and check all the joints, belts, wiring, etc., until it's up to snuff. I will replace gaskets and seals, set the RPM's, de-carbon the head and valves and check the cylinder for wear.

    These B&S 289707 engines must have been fairly well made as the condition you saw in the pics is what I've seen thus far in the 4 I've came across...and they are all around 15 years old.

    I appreciate your input as I plan to continue working on small engines as a hobby and way to feed my bowling addiction and have a little extra walking around money ...LOL
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