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  • tractorman1154 ·
    hey i have a custom 10XL and i can't figure out what year it is do u know when they started makin the custom 10xl's and when they ended?
    Jim_WV ·
    No problems with the site that I am aware of, I checked into it fine with no alerts from my scanners, nor has anyone else said anything about a problem.
    Big-o ·
    I am most likely going to wait on the tires until around Jan. Got a lot going on wright now. I am going to freshen up the B&S with new rings and go through the heads this winter so I am just taking my time for now. The motor runs great and has plenty of power but she puts out a big puff of blue smoke on cold start up so a hone, ring and valve job wont hurt a 14 year old motor and especially since B&S no longer makes those heads. I think it will be in my best interest to keep them in as good of a shape as i can until I have to repower it. Also I haven't been on here as much lately and have not heard from fins59 in a while.
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