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  • Mike Ferraro ·
    HEy Skyrydr quick question i see in your avatar you are a Ford tractor man, i have the opportunity to buy a 1979 Ford LGT 145 for $650.00 everything seems operational on it and it looks in great condition my question is what are some of the most common problems with these older LGT tractors so i know what to look for when i go back for my second visit and are they worth $650.00
    stickboat1 ·
    Hi Skyrydr2,
    In your signiture it says you have a '74 Ford LGT 125. I looked in your gallery but found no pics at all.
    Am I doing something wrong? Or are the only pics you have up on your avatar. ? Im intreasted in the 1974 models. You'll see why in my avatar. She's a '74. I'd like to find a bigger garden traction, 16 hp or up. But just finding info for now...
    K108Cub ·
    I have been trying to find your original thread on the 'modded lgt 165'. Where is it? Search has found all the others, just not the first. I really like the mods you have done and may use some. Thank you.

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