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  • c5rulz ·
    Hi Sergeant,

    I have read and followed your advice for years.

    I am contemplating an X748 from Roeder eqpt..

    I see you have an X748 what are your thoughts, likes/dislikes?

    Would you go with a 7 iron over the 62D deck?

    Are there overheating issues?

    I have a JD 2305 which I like a lot. In the Summer I spray my orchard every 7-14 days and I wouldn't have to pull the sprayer off the 3 point if I purchased this mower. My yard is quite steep and the 2305 handles it well but when in 4WD is hard on the grass with short turns. The HDAP tires should work pretty well for my purpose.

    Here are some pics of what my yard looks like, Post #29 has 3 more links to the entire project which has taken 4 years to complete.

    Lacrosse WI

    (608) 781-1607
    OldBenz ·
    Hi Sergeant, big request that maybe only you can help with. I picked up a 30 mechanical tiller for my 240. The only thing I don't have is the lift rod (M72234). It's also no longer available. I thought I saw you mention that your brother has that tractor with this combination? If so, would he be able get some measurements on the rod so that I can fab one up? One thousand thanks for any help! Steve
    My craftsman 917.27308 ·
    Hey Sergeant, This is too good to be true. $6,800

    2008 John Deere 2305
    254 Hours
    62" Belly Mower
    Front Loader
    3cyl Yanmar Diesel

    The seller says it belongs to his grandfather. Is this about 4,000 dollars below market value? Sounds fishy ?
    pete504pvd ·
    Hi, I posted a thread titled X540 Engine Issues Solved. Well I found out today that the issues were still there and it is a fuel delivery problem. So I would like the thread X540 Engine Issues Solved deleted so others are not misled. Thanks for your help.

    Pete Perrello
    retiredsailor ·
    Hi, I saw your post from last April regarding using the service manual to find out how to adjust for creep in the 317. I have a 317 that creeps but I don't have a service manual. I was wondering if you might know of some other links where I can find out how to do this, I have haven't had any luck finding any yet. Thanks,

    Merk ·
    Can you my Loader Build Help topic to the Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories section?

    Thanks for any help.
    Dale Merkle
    Ray2 ·
    the last 2 times I have logged on the forum comes up with all the post showing up, as if unread ??, each time I log out, I make all the posts as being read.....this just started ? please....ray
    STEINY2725 ·
    Tried posting to the MC519 thread but for some reason it won't let me. Wondering if you could tell me what size hydraulic cylinder did you end up using for your set-up?!

    Thanks, '
    Ray2 ·
    I have a question in reference to the operation of this forum who do I ask , not so much for content or tech questions, can you help ??

    on other forums, if your done with it and you click on mark this forum read, when you come back the next day, those post which have not be added to dont show "bold text" which tells you you have already opened them. I understand if there has been more added, it will show up as bold, but here they show up anyway: its hard to I marked this forum read.....later I came back and they all showed up in bold ( as not read by me) again...with no more threads added ??
    Ray2 ·
    Hi sarge...I accidentally hit unsubscribe to this forum in the forum tools...what does that mean ??
    425Forever ·
    Hi Sergeant. I'm Michael and I noticed you have a Cub Cadet 70. I'm thinking about buying a CC 70 or 100 to restore. How do you like your CC 70 and how does the shaft drive compare to another tractor of the same era like a Wheel Horse 854? Is there much difference in quality or capability?

    Argee ·
    Hi John! A few of us have formed a loose knit group on Facebook. Ken Brown put it together and it's called Internet Friendships. It's by invitation only, but you will need a Facebook account. Consider yourself invited. Come and check it RULES...just show up when you want!
    wes846 ·
    hello there i was wondering if you could help me out i want to upload a few pics hoping the guys could help me out on telling me what year this old craftsman reartine tiller is that i got can u help me?
    Ruralcarrier4x4 ·
    I hope you get this message. I own the exact Yardman tractor pictured in the one forum about best looking tractors I think and mine came with a snowblower. But no manuals and so I have tried attaching the snow blower but I never get it attached correctly and so it doesn't lift and yes I have checked the hydraulic fluid plus it does lift the mower deck with no problems when attached. Boy I really wish I had the front loader attachment and the rear hoe attachment for it. So do you have any instructions for it or do you know of a website or something I could go to to get a manual or instructions. Thanks, -Jim
    Ruralcarrier4x4 is online now Report Post
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