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  • stephenopolous ·
    Paul....back again on l120......pulled down on throttle linkage, rotated shaft to the right, adjusted throttle speed cable according to manual

    engine runs at lower rpms but still seems high at max throttle and again as after first reassembly, at low idle the governor pulses the throttle up and down and carb spits and emits puffs of smoke
    road2damascus ·
    Thank you paul. The attachment of the manual went through. I am going to take a closer look at things and adjust the gov. as the manual states. I do see the two springs and now I have a picture to make sure they are attached properly. No one has ever taken them off so I assume they are on correctly.
    edkedk ·
    Thanks for your comments about "KW Crush".

    As for the schematics, I use an old piece of software called "Gamma CAD"; I got free off the Internet about 13 years ago. It's a program that allows the drawing of lines, rectangles, poly-lines, (multi-sided shapes), and circles, with text and dimensioning capabilities. I've gotten fairly proficient at drawing things. I've even drawn house plan sets that I submitted to the county for building permits. I've played with newer and more sophisticated software and found it too cumbersome to learn and was overwhelmed with all the features. It seems I always come back to "Gamma CAD".

    I'm a retired electrical engineer and was happy to find a project that allowed me to call on some of my stored knowledge and see what I could do. Since I wrote the article, I have found some shortcomings in my electrical design that I plan to address, but that will be the sequel to my "KW Crush" write-up.
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