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  • Gregf55 ·
    Quick question I have an lx266 mower and need a replacement deck the old one is a 42c. Is the 42x compatible with the LX mowers?
    Gregf55 ·
    rajay.Quick question. I have a lx266 Deere. Need deck to replace the 42c. Will the 42x be compatible with the LX series mowers?
    JDPicker ·
    Rajay. Jdpicker here. Gt235 update. I adjusted the valves to .005" on this tractor replace 2 valve cover gaskets and 2 new spark plugs. The tractor starts right up great. However after running for awhile it starts to lose power and starts making a popping sound & occasionally black smoke comes out the exhaust. I tried starting the tractor on one cylinder by removing one of the spark plug wires from the opposite side of engine. It started right up. Reversed the process it didn't start up. With the years of experience that you have do think it's the ignition coil on that cylinder or could it be another issue.

    Thanks JD PICKER

    P.S. Thanks for the advice on service manuals I didn't realize you can get them that cheap. I'm constantly watching ebay now for the project tractors that I have interest in.
    Helios ·
    Hi rayjay; sorry to hear about your belt issue, I have an '87 JD 318 which I love but was thinking of selling and getting a GX335, other than its diet of drive belts how do you like the GX? I was wondering about the belt driving the trans, I also have a sears ys4500 with a belt drive and while there is no comparison to a JD if the ground is flat I'd think there shouldn't be an issue. Could there be an alignment issue with the pulleys? Have you used the GX for any plowing?
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